Raised Without Gender

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A new documentary heads to Sweden, home to gender neutral kindergartens and gender non-conforming families, to find out what it’s like to grow up beyond the binary.

With recent victories for the trans rights movement, and more young people defining as something other than “male” or “female” than ever before, Amelia Abraham visits Sweden – arguably the world’s most forward-thinking country when it comes to questioning gender – to find out what it’s like to grow up without the gender binary.

In Sweden, the gender neutral pronoun “hen” has been in the national dictionary since 2015 and is now commonly used by most Swedes. Since 1998, the Swedish government’s school plan has forbidden enforcing gender stereotypes, and government-funded gender neutral kindergartens with gender aware teachers has made it possible for families to raise their children without a set gender identity – something that often sparks controversy in the foreign press.

Amelia spends time with one of these gender non-conforming families, made up of mapa (mum and dad) Del LaGrace Volcano, who was born intersex (both male and female); the children, five-year-old Mika and three-year-old Nico, and their grandma, Margareta. She visits Mika and Nico’s gender aware kindergarten to find out what the teachers and the other kids make of Mika’s gender expression. She also meets Lotta Rajalin, the founder of Sweden’s gender-neutral kindergartens, to learn how they go about deleting gender norms from education, as well as psychiatrist Dr Eberhard, who is against Sweden’s attitude to gender in kindergartens.

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  1. We’ve been calling people “hen” in Scotland for centuries. It’s another way of calling someone a chick. Boy’s were cocks and girls hens. I love being femmie. You should be allowed to express yourself freely in and out of bed. I take the nurturer/carer role outside and the whore inside. That’s what I am.




  2. That last youtube video was the wrong one. Ignore it. /this is the third one I meant to send.


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  5. As for this nonsense, if you have a penis 99.9% of the time you will be a boy and if you have a vagina 99.9% of the time you will be a girl.

    I have no problem with transgender people, one of my teenage boyfriends now doesn’t have a willy. As someone who has actually raised, pretty successfully, the fruit of my loins to adulthood, I think this nonsense is just another unnecessary banana skin.

  6. When I was a child, I saw that I had a penis., That pretty much cleared it up for me. I knew I was a boy. And my sisters knew they were girls. Matter settled.

    Part 2: I had later to figure out if I was a boy attracted to girls or a boy attracted to boys, but the male identity never went away.

    I understand that there are young people who identify emotionally as members of the sex to which they were not born. They are clear about that. Understood. No problem with that.

    But now it seems that in some Swedish schools, children are being told to choose their sex arbitrarily or to avoid any kind of choice. Aren’t some/many of them in a quandary, uncertain about what they are, unnecessarily confused, because the adults are telling them not to be confined by physical characteristics.

    Yep, I’m old and none of this non-binary approach makes sense to me.

  7. It does seem this is more often about erasing what are perceived as male traits that it is about anything else.

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