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Hey everyone, you may have noticed that there were fewer posts here lately than there used to be. That’s because I had some rather tedious health issues for the last few months which cost me a lot of energy. I’m getting better now though, I actually feel almost human again so I’ll try my best to get back to the old schedule from here on.

On a different note: A friend will help me with moving the site to amazon’s cloud servers some time next week. That will hopefully make the site faster for people especially in Europe and Asia and should eventually be cheaper too. I’ll try to avoid any downtime but can’t promise anything so if we’re offline for a day or two, you know why.

That’s all for now, feel free to mail me if you have any questions and thanks a lot to everyone who supports me and the site, knowing that you guys have my back means a lot and helped tremendously during the stressy times I had of late!

PS: Have a random naked boy ;)

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  1. 😊The best to you no matter what you do. You’ve been here for your members all these years and we’ll be here for you for years more…
    😈Stay healthy and take care!

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated Josh. You’ve done a spectacular job with this site and I appreciate all that you do. Sorry to hear about your health issues but glad that you’re on the mend. Best wishes to you always!

  3. Josh hi, your health is the most important thing, so that must be your number one priority. Visiting your site each day brings a smile and bump starts my day, so your efforts are very much appreciated – so many, many thanks.

  4. Josh, your health is more important than maintaining this site, so take care of yourself first then see to it to maintaining our fun of viewing your site all these years. And thanks.

  5. What’s it been? A decade and a half since I first started following/supporting this site? Time well spent, thank you.

  6. Thanks Josh and glad your feeling a bit better.
    I have been enjoying the site you created and manage with all the lovely posts for quite a few years myself now.
    Long may you continue.

  7. Hi Josh, thanks for the update and it’s golod to hear that you are starting to feel better. Please stay in touch.

    Oh, as a side note, the lovely young man really isn’t naked at all. But no complaints from here

  8. Hi, Hugs and Kisses from a bunny rabbit. I hope you grow big and strong. You need a young man to keep your pecker up……….May I suggest a quick trip over the Oresund Bridge to visit young Rasmus. Or you can keep his pecker up? Did you post a naked photo of yourself on another site by any chance?

    Early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

    Get well soon. XXXX

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