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  1. Just about barfed. If you’re going to cover Prince, then learn to play a guitar and fucking cover him. Prince was the whole package – musician, singer, and songwriter. Sing-Song Boy is soooo wasting his talent. Get a band, kid, and start getting your shit together. Cut the emotional hand-wringing stuff and learn to rock. Hell, Bieber has a hundred mil in the bank and you’re as good a singer as he is and you’re just as cute – except you’re clueless and he isn’t. And yeah, Bieber is hung like a goddam dinosaur, and maybe you’re not, but if you don’t appear naked on hotel balconies nobody has to know. Music is a business and it’s not for pussies. Get going.

      1. Several months ago Bieber was getting laid and appeared naked on a hotel balcony – photogs caught it from quite a distance away so it’s just a little blurry. Some very nice meat there. According to fans, all the tats matched up, so they think it really is him. It’s all over the Net. Google is your friend. Enjoy.

      2. Actually there are below the waist phone pics of him with a raging boner with his hand around it, from a few years ago, completely clear and close up… with the tatoo down there as confirmation (plus he didn’t deny it when they leaked, it seemed rather intentional he let them out…). He is uncut with a tight foreskin and while I’ve seen bigger, he’s not small.

        1. I’ve seen those pics …. but most people (commenters) said it was photoshopped or just not him at all.

  2. In a different context, this might have been a pretty good song. But …

    1. The musical arrangement is just short of terrible.
    2. The vocals might have been good in a different arrangement, but not this one.
    3. This production sounds like it was done in a warehouse or worse — the echo is terrible.


    I’ve noticed you’ve spent a huge amount of time and energy following Ronan Parke and Greyson Chance. After their initial good performances, both can be considered now no better than inconsistent in their performances.

    But you’ve totally ignored a very good singer, both in the “beginning” (Australia’s Got Talent) and his current performances. And that is Jack Vidgen. I thought even in the beginning he was performing better and more consistent than the other two. What do you have against Jack Vidgen?

  3. It must be true that seppos are under-endowed if “hung like a goddam dinosaur” is how Beever’s very average todger is viewed over there.

    Never was a fan of Prince, did he rock ?

    I have just been a bit sick in my mouth because I have to agree with PB’s
    points about the production of this overwrought melodrama. Master Parke now see’s himself as a dive, methinks.

    1. kinkynuts:
      “I have just been a bit sick in my mouth because I have to agree with PB’s
      points ”

      Get used to it. It’s good medicine. :-)

    2. Wow! I had to Google “seppo.” OK, if you can be a “limey” I’m cool with being a “seppo.” No, we’re not under-endowed over here, we just had much bigger dinosaurs than you had there.

      1. “Wow! I had to Google ‘seppo.'” Me too.

        “OK, if you can be a ‘limey’ I’m cool with being a ‘seppo.'”

        I think it’s more like, “If we are a ‘seppo,’ then you are a ‘limey’.”

        And to kinkynuts:
        We have plenty of “meat” to share over here. Why else do you think USA bails out GB when the going gets rough?

    3. “It must be true that seppos…..”

      @kinkynik: I had to google the term ‘seppo’ as well to figure out what you were referring to. Got big news for you though: Bieber isn’t an American [seppo] and never has been. You might want to google Justin Bieber to learn his nationality, idiot.

      1. Oh what a haul from one little comment.

        I suggest you take up an English comprehension class. no where have I stated, inferred or implied that Beever is a seppo, it is well known that he is a Moosefucker.

        As Horsey is a seppo and seemed to be under the illusion that the maple-sucker was enormous in the gentleman’s department, my jocular comment was that this must reinforce some oft quoted statistics that Yankie winkies are not the biggest in the world. Hence the need for penis substitutes like big, fat flaccid cars and automatic rifles.

        Hope that cleared it up for you,

        1. I love my big car! It’s a classic Lincoln Mark VIII LSC with a Cobra V8 engine, which I often drive much too fast … but who can resist. Vroooom-Vroooom-Vroooom!

          Yes indeed, there are a few autoloaders in my gun safe that would cause an average liberal to swoon with vapors and palpitations. And then there’s the cases of ammo … gulp …. so much ammo.

          As for my other ‘automatic rifle,’ well, it used to be – but now at my advanced age, sadly, it’s more of a single shot. Takes a good coupla hours to reload too …

        2. “… it is well known that he is a Moosefucker.”

          Yeah, I’m not altogether surprised. Just the sort of response I’d expect from a rude asshole lime sucking hoser jerk. The brain damage is probably from having to squeeze their superiority complexed swollen fat inbred heads into their tiny little gutless shitbox excuses they call ‘autos’ and attempting to drive on the wrong side of the road. Ha!

        3. kinkynuts:
          “Beever is a seppo, it is well known that he is a Moosefucker.

          This is the Internet. Pics or it’s not true!

  4. I think he needs to stay being a pretty boy and give up the singing.

    This is an insult to Prince – one of the best musicians to ever grace this earth – and this so called cover is totally and utterly shite and I lasted some 20 seconds before I too felt sick in my mouth.

    I totally agree with horselips comment – a perfect summary.

    1. “It’s a good cover.”

      Much less production and still sounds better than the OP video. Hmmmm. Someone could take a lesson. And pretty damn cute with great hair too! :-)

      He reminds me of a recent singer I hear on the radio, but I don’t know his name.

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