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  1. EU & HUNGARY > Such interference in the internal affairs of member states has already resulted in the Brexit, and if the EU pushes too hard, expect other countries to bolt. There is no social justice cause so important that it transcends the need to keep out Islamists and other dangerous elements. I’m with the Hungarians (as well as the Poles, Austrians, Czechs and Slovaks) when it comes to immigration policies.

    GERMAN PLAYBOY> Not my circus, not my monkeys.

    TURKISH ACTIVIST > What! An Islamist government persecutes an LGBTI activist? I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

    REPREHENSIBLE RUSSIANS > For 83% of Russians to be on such intimate terms with gay sex that they can form so negative an opinion speaks for itself. The problem, obviously, is that Russia is short on good lubes – without good grease I’d find gay sex reprehensible myself.

    TEXAS CANDIDATE > This jerk has about as much chance of becoming Governor of Texas as I have of being the next Dalai Lama, or King of England. This is not news.

    BLOOD TEST FOR CANCER > Imhotep, Asclepius, Hippocrates and Galen are smiling.

    FACEBOOK > Now, if the rest of you snowflakes can just stay off FB for a few days…oh never mind. You’re too weak.

    POLAR BEARS > They’re hungry because there have never been so many before. Happens in every ecosystem. So, quitcher bitchin’ and fly some food to the bears. Do I have to think of everything myself?

    YOU TUBE > Welcome to the censorship of You Tube. Used to be that the Internet was the greatest assumption of power and freedom by the individual in history. But the radical Leftists that run You Tube, FB, etc. have seen that go too far and are about to slam the doors. Nothing terrifies the Left like a free and open marketplace of ideas.

    KOCH BROTHERS COURTS> The de-Stalinization of America – replacing or marginalizing all the totalitarian-progressives embedded in the military, civil service and judiciary by the Obama administration will take years. We still need at least two more strict-constructionist Justices on the Supreme Court, we still need to break up the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, and so forth. Constitutional government is always the big target of the Left; eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.

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