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  1. These Muslim countries are so backward, even those in Europe, it’s sad for the local LGBT community there, my heart goes to them.

    The Alt Right should also accuse Netflix of insectophilia:

    The good thing is that Americans are starting fighting back the Crazydent: Trump called NFL player Colin Kaepernick a son of a bitch, and his mom tweeted back “Guess that makes me a proud bitch.”

  2. re: Alt-right boasts about future with concentration camps

    Ultimately, just blustering comments from selfish and ignorant trolls. There’s no way that any major country will allow concentration camps for non-white minorities. The only ones “getting away” with anything near that are some satellite countries from the old Soviet Union for gays and it’s not even camps — they’re just torturing (and killing) some. But the more it happens, NATO or EU will step up something to help the surviving ones.

    Unfortunately, with the election of Trump and Duterte and a few others, this “alt-right” seems to come out of the baseboards — when these dictator-like “leaders” are removed (and they will be soon), the “alt-right” will go back into hiding and their spokespersons will finally face their own music. I predict that all these “leaders” will not have any cushy retirement.

  3. I heard that Ivanka Trump was at one time going to marry the English Billionaire Hugh G. Cock, but called it off when she realised she would be called Ivanka Hugh G. Cock. What about the Gay Marriage between Blowfelt to Oddjob who will renamed Blowjob?

    I don’t know about the Alt Right but here in Britain the Old Right were a bunch of kiddiefuckers from Day 1. Harvey Proctor MP, The Prime Minister Edward Health MP to just say a few. I remember coming across a pile of Newspapers to be thrown out when I was young and seeing a cartoon printed in the Sun 6 years earlier, (the papers were wrapped around crockery), that showed a Tory MP in bed with a Schoolboy and a Boy Scout, both about 14, saying something like, “That was nice boys, but I have to vote against this “Gay”Bill”” it was to reduce the age from 21 to 16 but failed, in October 1994, but was reduced to 18 instead. It became 16 on January 8th 2001. Tories have always been hypocrites, as well as kinky randy bastards.

    1. “Tories have always been hypocrites, as well as kinky randy bastards.”

      That sounds an awful lot like our own evangelical politicians. Always voting and speaking against their true selves and then being found with something like a rentboy or someone similar — and let’s not forget their drug addictions as well (like Ted Haggart — while not a “politician”, still influential in their own circles).

  4. AZERBAIJAN > Another exception to the mythology of cultural equivalence. As Cato the Elder would say today, “Islam Delenda Est.”

    BRAZIL > Chill. This won’t amount to much.

    GEORGIA TECH > There’s a lot more to this story than reported here. Nevertheless, rioters, like looters, should always be shot by the police, or the army. The wounded should be shot again.

    SERBIA > And to think that idiot Billy Clinton bombed this country for fighting and killing Muslims in Kosovo.

    TEMPLE TO WILDE > It’s a shrine, not a temple, but who’s counting.

    ALT RIGHT > Whether a totalitarian is a national socialist (Nazi), an international socialist (communist) or a democratic socialist (fascist progressive), a socialist is a socialist is a socialist. They’re all killers at heart.

    ILLEGAL ALIENS > Book ’em, Danno! Busting illegals at hospitals is a good idea, but ICE should follow illegal kids home from school too, so they can and arrest the entire family. Whatever it takes to terrify and unsettle illegals everywhere. Notice how they proudly wave the flags of their homelands at their demonstrations, yet consider it punishment to be sent back there. Hypocrites.

    SEXIST KIDS > The instincts developed over100,000 years of certifiably Cro-Magnon history are hard to kill.

    MANNING > Bradley is a convicted felon and that’s the beginning and end of it. Maybe he should hook up with Bruce Jenner and they could hit the speaking circuit as a team. Libtards would open their wallets wide to see that. Canada is right, heck, I don’t want him here either. I know – he should go to Russia and bunk with that other quisling, Eddy Snowden.

    NETFLIX > If there’s 2 things I couldn’t care less about it’s Netflix and the alt-right. Neither is involved in my very busy life. And stop picking on pedophiles. Without molesters, some poor kids wouldn’t get any sex until puberty.

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