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  1. Yay to banning surgery on intersex children!! Its great and all that the West has taken a hard line against FGM, but there is still way too much non medical forced genital surgeries being carried out on boys, girls, and intersex children around the world every day.

    Why is it so hard for various cultures (including the US) to just leave kid genitals alone!

    1. “Why is it so hard for various cultures (including the US) to just leave kid genitals alone!”

      I find it hard to believe that you’re asking that question in a serious way. There’s a one-word answer.

  2. MALAYSIA > More Muslims behaving badly. They were better off as a British colony.

    PORTUGAL > And when this ‘intersex’ kid starts playing doctor with its friends, and they freak out, that’s when real emotional and psychological problems will emerge -in spades.

    DE VOS > She’s doing great – killing Common Core and supporting private education over the thoroughly corrupted an inept NEA-run public schools. Screw the politics – kids are entitled to be educated, not indoctrinated into the progressive agenda.

    TEXAS > I’m 100% binary, sorry Bruce Jenner, and sorry Brian Manning. Nevertheless, for me, it never really was so much about the bathrooms where there are private stalls and doors, as it was about the locker rooms where everybody is openly nude together. Even so, if I’m out to dinner with my daughter, and she goes to the Ladies Room, and some dude tries to follow her in … him and I are making the news.

    MISTRIAL > Hopefully the prosecutor will re-try this case. This pastor and her flock need to do some hard time. Lucky for them they weren’t beating on me. I carry. Play stupid games, win free bullets.

    PRIME MINISTER MAY > The gov’t has shown itself to be unable to cope with Islamic radicals, even the capital city is no longer safe, the British people must demand royal intervention. Queen Elizabeth II should invoke the Royal Prerogative (legal powers the monarch holds in reserve), summon May and the Home, Foreign and Defense secretaries to Buckingham Palace, and relieve them. Then, appoint a temporary cabinet of generals and admirals from the staffs at Whitehall, and command them to round up all 25,000 known Muslim radicals in Britain, along with every Syrian ‘refugee’ that can’t be fully vetted, and deport them. Any property they leave behind is forfeit to the Crown. When it’s over and done with, May and her cabinet may resume their posts and Liz can go back to bed. But under no circumstances should the civil rights of British subjects, including the ‘good’ Muzzies among them, be infringed any more than they already are. With the example set, Germany and France and Belgium will see how it’s done, and hopefully follow suit. It’s not well publicized, but the armed forces of more than a few European states are already drawing up plans to deal with the civil disturbances, even civil war, they see coming. FYI, there is some relatively recent precedent for a royal takeover – in 1975 the royal Governor-General of Australia wasn’t happy, and upon consultation with HRH Prince Charles, dismissed the elected Prime Minister for reasons too complex to go into here.

    UK ENCRYPTION > It’s easier and cheaper to round up and deport all radical Muslims than it is to go full-retard into a police state.

    FRANCE AND CLIMATE SCIENTISTS > Bon voyage! Leave today!…warming-scare/

    WHITE NIGHTMARE > You worry about them, I’ll keep an eye on the local mosque.

    NORTH KOREA > Yes, the whole world is all akimbo because Trump did a coitus-interuptus on the Paris fiasco. But they’re not worried about the earth – they’re mad because Trump pulled their hands out of our pockets just as they their fingers were curling around our wallet.….BN1PzKQO.dpbs

    1. @horse’s ASS:
      “DE VOS > She’s doing great – killing Common Core and supporting private education”
      We need to rid this (incredibly rich by inheritance, not education) IDIOT Betsy DeVos OUT of our education system as soon as possible. She’s not only STUPID about education (imagine that!) but she also possesses the Trump virus: ‘I’m fucking rich and religious so I can call the shots, no matter what reality and intelligence says.’

      “over the thoroughly corrupted an inept NEA-run public schools.”
      NEA? — jesus, horsey, when will you ever get your stupid ass out of that fucking church? We NEED the NEA BASED ON INTELLIGENCE, INCLUDING SCIENCE, not your idiotic “home-school crap shoving creationism [‘I.D.’ that was LAUGHED OUT of court in 2005] and other total fucking religious nonsense into our classrooms and brainwashing our students with your religious agenda. Admit it, you have no defense, but to whine about our science classes. Already we have too much religious bullshit political correctness taking over our school administrations. And let’s not forget the religious bullying.

      “kids are entitled to be educated, not indoctrinated into the progressive agenda.”
      Kids ARE ENTITLED to be educated and NOT indoctrinated by the religious agenda. The progressives are the ones actually teaching — it’s been that way since our country’s inception. We need to teach a lot more civics and our Constitution — NOT asinine bible study and “prayers”.

  3. Speaking about radicals – when will you silence this self-righteous douchebag full of hate, Josh?

      1. Leave my buddy Horsey alone. He’s just an old fashioned, straight-up ole guy who likes making love to young men who act like young men. Nothing wrong with that – its all part of the spectrum.

        (Not that Horsey needs my help in a scrap – he can look after himself just fine!!)

  4. I wonder how Horselips will react to the Uber Right Wing Government about to Rule Britain? A Minority Conservative Government who are about to be given the kiss of life by the DUP. (Democratic Unionist Party) , who are Creationists, Homophobes, Racists, Anti Irish/Catholic, and make the UKIP party look like Communists. They look upon Catholics like the Nazis looked upon Jews. 13 Scottish Tory MP’s voted into power that will help give the Government a working majority along with the DUP who will help to create this mess. Voted into power by unemployed red necked racist bastards with an IQ under 80. I hope they stop your money, you work shy right wing nuts jobs. “I’m voting Tory, ‘cos I believe in the Union and I hate Fenians”. Duh!

    You bunch of sad fuckwits. Apparently Ruth Davidson likes the stupid, they vote for her. Who does that remind you of? Stupid Fascist man hating bulldyke. Go burn in hell you Kim Jung Un lookalike.

    They (the DUP) have even upset that Tory ratbag (in Scotland, Ruth Davidson) by calling her a “Cunt Licking Jew”. Oh, and btw, well done the fuckwits on the dole that helped put her and them into power. You will suffer you inbreed fascist bastards, oh God, will you suffer.

    The German Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemuller once wrote,

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me”.

    That’s the workshy Scots that voted Tory. Welcome to hell you brain washed stupid bastards. I hope you fucking suffer. Because everyone else in your shoes who didn’t vote Tory will thanks to you. So why shouldn’t you?

    Idiots. The fucking lot of them. Turkey’s voting for an early Christmas.

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