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  • New US healthcare plan would bring billions in tax cuts for
    the rich while pushing millions of poor out of healthcare
  • 70% of benefits of Trump childcare credits will go to the rich
  • Experts find mass grave at ex-Catholic orphanage in Ireland
  • Trump says Jews are trying real hard to make him look bad
  • Sex ed finally education becomes compulsory in the UK

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  1. With Trump in our White House, your Periodical Political Posts could be every other day and keep you busy for a long time.

    re: Trump says Jews are trying real hard to make him look bad

    Trump is doing a fine job of that himself, he doesn’t need anyone else’s help. Particularly since he talked about the holocaust without even mentioning the jews.

    1. Well, this specific news is not really as relevant as the previous one about the trans bathrooms, you’d need a whole wikipedia about this guy’s tweets alone, milkboys alone cannot cut it.

      The motto of that poor country is now “In Trump We Rust” and we have to rename all mentions of “Western World” into “Midwestern World” because we can’t include the U.S. into the list of civilized countries anymore, we can’t even keep “United” in that country’s name…

  2. “we can’t even keep “United” in that country’s name…”

    This humanoid monster MUST BE REMOVED at any and all costs and the sooner the better.

    They’re wasting too much time hovering between the 25th Amendment and outright impeachment.

    He’s proven himself to be totally incompetent and mentally ill. And, horsey, if you deny this, that alone proves just how mentally ill you show yourself.

  3. TEEN SUICIDES > If same sex marriage reduces teen suicides, maybe polygamy will eliminate it altogether. Might be fun. Just a thought.

    PHILIPPINES > More baby-steps forward.

    SAUDI TORTURE > The “religion of peace” strikes again. I loathe Islam. Bad Muslims want to kill us all. Good Muslims just want the Bad Muslims to kill us all. And don’t call me a xenophobe. Xenophobia is an IRRATIONAL fear or dislike of foreigners. There’s nothing irrational about loathing Muslims, it isn’t xenophobia if they really are barbarians. And they really, really are.

    UK AFGHANS > “Act straight in Kabul.” Sounds like good advice. If I were these dudes, I’d take it. Sorry, but awful conditions in your homeland don’t magically create an obligation for the UK.

    RAPES LESBIAN DAUGHTER > Geeezus, you can’t make this stuff up. Is 21 years in prison even enough?

    US HEALTHCARE > Relax. Something has to be done. No bill comes out of Congress the way it went in, so for now, chill. Besides, we’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. Anyway, the Dems crafted O-Care with 2 ideological goals (1) To take control of the healthcare system, and (2) break the insurance companies forcing a single payer system. The Reps crafted T-Care with 2 ideological goals (1) save money and (2) restore the industry to the free market.
    Trouble is, neither party gave a flying fuck about healthcare. O-care is self destructing, and T-Care is isn’t ready for prime time. Both parties ignored a virtual herd of elephants in the room – prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, home care, long term care, and so forth and so on.
    Our six-figure politicos are clueless regarding where the hearts and minds of the broad masses of the people are with this issue, and totally detached from the hopes and fears of the old and sick – the patients for chrissakes. Don’t panic yet – replacing O-care is a three part process stretching over several years. Way too early to draw conclusions.

    CHILDCARE CREDITS > Quote from article: “Trump’s childcare benefit is delivered in the form of a tax credit, so the majority of the benefit goes to households earning enough to pay taxes. ”

    A tax credit going to the folks who pay … taxes. Gee, ya think?

    MASS GRAVE > I hope there’s no statute of limitations on murder in Ireland. But if the bones really are from the 1950s, the perpetrators are in their 80s and 90s. Or they’re already dead. Probably too late to do much about it now.

    TRUMP & JEWS > Trump Derangement Syndrome – the “press” has lost all its credibility, and piling on fake news and exaggerated spin doesn’t work. Sorry Mr. Cory Doctorow, You lost, get over it, grow up, move on.

    UK SEX ED > Sex and relationship education? Kidding me? The state will now expound and wax philosophical on the parameters and the mysteries of love and human interaction? That isn’t education, that’s indoctrination. Has it gotten so bad that British parents can’t raise and teach their kids manners and how to relate to each other any more? The government has to squander precious time to teach this in school? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    PENBOY: TRUMP INCOMPETENT & MENTALLY ILL > I deny it. And “that alone proves just how mentally ill I show myself.” No, it’s even worse than you thought -I’m also DEPLORABLE! Make America Great Again.

  4. “Paul Twocock, director of campaigns, policy and research at Stonewall, believes this is in violation of United Nations guidelines.”

    So there is a gay man with the last name “Mr. Twocock”. wow.

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