The Board is Back

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You can now sign up and log into our forums, the milkboard:

It still needs a lot of work; we’ll add the gallery and the chat as soon as we can and will try to get it to look like more like the blog, less like a web app from 1999 ;) But we didn’t want to let you wait even longer so if you feel like it you can start hanging out & discussing whatever with other milkies. Have fun!

For privacy reasons some sub-forums and their posts will only be visible when you’re logged in. Your profiles will also not be accessible to guests.


Random picture of a cake becase… cake!




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The neglected siblings Roland and Paul watch the deportation of their immigrant neighbours. Once the police has left, they decide to enter the abandoned apartment. Inside they discover another world; exotic food, music, clothes and make-up, belonging to the deported family. For a moment they have the chance to immerse themselves in a world of games and play – however when their father discovers them, they are quickly brought back to reality.


Art of Boys: Felix d’Eon

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Felix d’Eon’s work is influenced by various art-historical styles, such as Edwardian fashion and children’s book illustration, golden-era American comics, and Japanese Edo printmaking. You can see more on his website.


Teasing Tuesday *1

milkboys Teasing Tuesday 3 Comments

I never got around to watching any of Caspar Lee’s videos so hopefully someone in the comments can link to the source video. In the meantime, he has an interview with Troye Sivan, I’ll check that out… some day!