If you want it, put a Sock on it!

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Imagine you’re a lawmaker in the US state that is ranked #2 in number of teen pregnancies. You’re a Conservative who doesn’t quite like the idea of teens getting it on with each other before they’re married. So what do you do?

Easy! You just pretend sex doesn’t exist! Which, of course, means proper sex education at school is a big no-no and condoms can’t be mentioned because they’d just encourage those horny teens to fuck their brains out!

Luckily some people in said state aren’t complete nutbags stuck in the time of witch hunts and chastity belts. So if we can’t talk about condoms going over teenage dicks we’ll just talk about socks going over teen shoes. No matter if you’re into athletic or dress shoes… there we go: sox-ed.


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You can now sign up and log into our forums, the milkboard:


It still needs a lot of work; we’ll add the gallery and the chat as soon as we can and will try to get it to look like more like the blog, less like a web app from 1999 ;) But we didn’t want to let you wait even longer so if you feel like it you can start hanging out & discussing whatever with other milkies. Have fun!

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