The Year of Yuzuru

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Sweet, sweet babyface and prince on ice Yuzuru Hanyu had quite the year. But doesn’t he always? He’s still being the cutest, he’s still breaking world records left and right and that the only two people who seem to be able to–somewhat–keep up with his pace are his closest friends doesn’t hurt the mood either.

Picture & video via Vera. Check Beauty Hunter for another (cute) video.

Young, attractive, and totally not into having Sex

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Screw promiscuity and free love—the sexual revolution has passed from freedom of sexuality to freedom from sexuality. It’s an orientation embraced by the 80,000 registered users of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.

cake-sexThat’s where the conversation broadening the sexual spectrum started, back in 2001. Since then, it has sprawled across message boards and Tumblrs, as a way for people to identify themselves—and find each other—outside of the traditional sexual confines.

The taxonomy can be confusing: There are gray-asexuals, who identify somewhere between asexuality and more conventional interest; demisexuals, who only feel attraction in a close relationship; heteroromantics, for those who develop nonsexual feelings for members of the opposite sex; panromantics, who can feel a nonsexual crush for someone of any gender identity… Take a look at the sexual spectrum, and you’ll see that wanting sex at all—regardless of with whom—is just one part of it.


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What happens when appreciation gives way to attraction, and attraction to physical expression? In Blinders, starring Luke Worrall, Nathaniel Brown, and Byrdie Bell, a young man stumbles into another man’s arms, leaving his girlfriend in the lurch.

The short film’s trailer, soundtracked by Home Covers’ “The Flame,” opens with an illuminated, androgynous Worrall nude under white sheets. “The point I find interesting is that with many models, their beauty transcends handsomeness or prettiness or sexual attraction,” says writer-director Jacob Brown, an editor at the New York Times and himself a former male model. Regardless of whether or not the couple reunites, the short begs the question: who is the primary victim of beauty—the possessor or the beholder? Read on…

Release: 2011, USA | IMDb | Interview

Omar Josue Rudberg

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17-year-old Omar is not only super handsome but also ridiculously versatile when it comes to pulling off any number of different looks

Omar was born in Venezuela. Nowadays he lives in Göteborg and is part of the Swedish boyband The Fooo Conspiracy. Check the video below if you wanna take a peek at the glory that is his shirtless body ;D

Mistakes were made…

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As many of you know I ran a quick GoFundMe campaign here a few months ago. Since then the site went down several times and, understandably, this raised questions about how this could happen considering the success of that campaign.

The truth is that I still don’t have a single Cent from said campaign because I made a pretty severe mistake by trusting PayPal and trying to use them to transfer money. They froze my account and the funds within for 180 days. So while I will get access to the money eventually I still had to rely on two incredibly generous blog readers to bring the site back in the meantime.

During all this I ran into some serious financial trouble myself–to the point where I’m not able to pay my rent anymore. I got a part-time job after uni and I’m currently looking for another one but with rent, energy bills, food, debt etc. it’s not quite working out at the moment.

I’m aware that most people who donated did so for the site and not myself so I’m committed to using the funds from the GoFundMe campaign for milkboys only, in fact I want to pick up the pace again and create more self-made content and grow the site.

But I’m desperate enough, as embarrassing as it is, to ask for your help again. I started a 2nd GoFundMe campaign here (not using PayPal again obviously) and I’m gonna be upfront with you about the fact that money anyone might donate towards it is gonna be used for personal things like rent and food.

If you feel uncomfortable with this (I know that I will get a lot of flak for this move)  please just ignore this campaign, it has nothing to do with this site and none of you should in any way feel obliged to give money to some guy running a random blog.

Thanks so much <3