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I have mixed feelings about Under Armour. On one hand they have a kinda dodgy philosophy and cater to some questionable audiences (i.e. people hunting animals for fun and folks with a military fetish) but they’re also sponsoring my favourite football team, a club that’s very much on the far-left spectrum with its politics and UA seemed very much open to listen to officials and fans of said club when they expressed their concern about this kind of marketing towards people with questionable hobbies. And supposedly those discussions have actually sparked some progress within the company.

Way more importantly though for most of you guys I assume, they’re responsible for a lot of teens and twinks nowadays wearing extra tight sports gear that was supposed to be worn by athletes but somehow found its way into casual sports and even everyday fashion.

Case in point:

I was actually not sure at first if he’s not just wearing underwear for some reason but you can see his actual boxer briefs shine through the UA briefs. All right then.

Kissing Drew

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Inside a drab middle school in 1992, a sexually-confused eighth-grader attempts to regain his dignity after being bullied by a sex-obsessed ‘cool kid’ whom he secretly fantasies about.

What do you do if you’re in love with your bully? While it might seem an odd idea, there are plenty of people out there who will know that love and hate can be close together. That’s the situation here, where teenager James fantasises about ‘cool kid’ Drew, but also has to deal with the fact Drew bullies him for being gay. The short moves between an almost lyrical romanticism and being fairly intense. As you may expect, there are hints that there’s more to Drew’s bullying than meets the eye, and James’ ‘revenge’ is an interesting one, which brings up plenty of ideas.

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