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  1. This is both interesting and bizarre:

    Pitstsevoz 2011 [Pizza Delivery or Service] 30:00

    Russian Pizza War – Ruski nonsenski

    I have several things to say about this short movie, but I don’t want to spoil it for any of you. josh doesn’t offer the “Spoiler” option for text any more [Hint, Hint!]

    But I will say this falls “in line” with what’s going on in Russia today with gays.

  2. I used to come to this blog years ago when I was in high school. Randomly came back today and was not surprised to see that nude underage boys are still being posted without regret. Always wondered how this site can get away with it. Disgusting.

    1. So when you are a gay teen and need a place to feel comfortable and express yourself, then the site is fine. But now that YOU are an adult, this site is now “disgusting”? You are a perfect example of why despite there being a well developed queer community, so many gay teens are still depressed, and killing themselves. Because instead of supporting them, you just give a big “fuck you” to places of support for these needs, because are past that point and fine ignoring it. Shame on you. Also if you ever bothered to look into any of the guys posted here, most are of legal age of consent.

    2. What makes you think that he is underage? Also what has made you keep coming back over the years if you thought the site was disgusting. Me thinks you doth protest to much.

    3. hi Carson,
      many sites in the net are exposing sexual content without any deep look and without any discussion. just having such content, i think, is disgusting. not trying to find why we’re gays and how can overcome our barriers, think about our feelings and how can we have better life with satisfaction to ourselves and our society is what you should avoid it. all boys have bodies and may get nude and be with some other boys. this is not what one should expose. morality is honorable. but for heterosexuals it has another translation.
      i come here to see other peoples who think and feel like me and discuss with them about my thoughts. see the differences and listen to them. i think such a blog is much better than a just porn site. because i think about what i feel.
      i personally just come here. you’re not forced to come back if you think it’s not suitable for you.
      and about age of consent, i think, it’s not a fixed age. a boy has right to be an adult as soon as he knows love & sex and need them.

  3. This boy and take you so cute, we get to see him naked, he looks good naked, he has a nice butt, I wish I could see his penis, you know he has he nice penis. Yeah I want to know why some people say he’s under age, he could ba twink, hey twink is a boy that is 18 through 22 years old, and that has a body that has no hair, or very little hair, a boy that looks much longer than his age, I always tell people that, just because you think it that does not mean that’s what it is. This boy is really cute.

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