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  1. Hope he’s not underage. That seems to be a bit taboo hereabouts. At least I assume that’s why the polo team pic was removed.

    1. YES! What happened to the water polo boys? It was a most innocent and inoffensive picture. If Marcosaurusrex wants to run this blog, let him come up with the money and the time. Otherwise he should STFU and mind his own business.

    1. OK, I’ll offer kudos to you for at least one thing, …… you do provide good links. Thank you.

      Nice Thai boy (rather, young man). A couple of very interesting photos on that link — one with a FILM camera (Canon) and another with a nice gramophone in the background.

      I’d say he could easily be in his mid-20s ….. say, around 24-26 (if not older)? Asians like him I always look to see what age they look like compared to Caucasians …… then addd about 5 years to be “more accurate.” :-))

      1. He is Korean; his name is Kim Gun, he is 25.

        It may seem like he has lost his right eye since hair cover it. However, he does have both eyes. :)

    1. Naaaa ….. Just comb or brush it differently …. put some fluff into it.

      Yes, he is extremely cute.

  2. I think I could venture a pretty good guess to why you picked that photo to use as your “lead-in” photo for this thread. …… Suffice it to say I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. If I want a guy to look like a girl then I would just be straight. How about pure boys not gems.

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