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  1. Wow. What a refreshing pic. No goofy hair or makeup, no visible tats or piercings, no weird-ass outfit, just a gorgeous teen/twink looking like he just got laid and is getting dressed. Or, uhhmm, maybe he’s about to get laid and he’s getting undressed. Either way = Hotness.

    1. Judging by his hair, I’d say … he just got laid and is getting dressed (I would hope, anyway).

      Just what is “goofy hair” to you?

      Btw, he looks to be a ‘shaver’.

  2. Google his name; he’s gorgeous from all angles. Often looking for more of someone will reveal that one photo is all about the lighting and angle. He’s also super intelligent: a successful director and actor, as well as a model. He’s pushing 30, but you can’t have everything. jk

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