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  1. Yes, he certainly is gorgeous and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed. Unfortunately every time he opens his mouth he sounds the total fool.

  2. Oh dear, all the sad old men who don’t forget the young have the right to express themselves will be on here moaning about his hair and his sense of humour.

    Oh, too late they’ve beaten me to it.

    Just celebrate that this joyful puppy is here to bring a little light into the darkness.

  3. 👴🏼IMHO both his brains and looks left when puberty hit.
    ~Insofar as the hair goes, suppose he’s run out of ideas…
    Besides some of those neo-nazi shaved up the side military style cuts appear just as ridiculous to me, especially on supposed adults.
    Basically all of its just recycled from the years before¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Physically, he’s always been a very good looking boy, then teen and now adult. But that hair has to go! [Obviously my opinion that’s clearly shared by many others.] Hell, I’d much rather see a max-Afro from the late ’60s and ’70s. Or even a TOTALLY SHAVED head (hopefully for starting afresh). And I don’t really care how he dresses — either ‘male’ or ‘female’ clothes.

    But, “this joyful puppy is here to bring a little light into the darkness”?

    What is the “darkness” that we even THINK we “need” his “light”? I can only assume that you never read his and his sister’s interview (forgot which publication it is now). Neither of them offered or offer any “light.” And it surprised me too, since their father seems to be fairly “with it.”

    I’m all for allowing young people to express their “identity” — but when you stir up identity with stupidity [and its primary base is religion of any ‘flavor’], then it’s time to steer them in a much better direction.

    Original ideas are great. Creativity is great. But we don’t need them mixed with stupidity — this Earth has already dealt with enough of that to its max. And neither of those siblings has yet offered anything even remotely intelligent from their available “deep thought” over the last several years — time to make their mark, if they’re ever going to.

      1. Thank you. You constantly show your infinite immaturity and cultural ignorance. You’re the complete opposite of the British image that many Americans (including myself) admire of your culture.

        ALL your posts in this thread easily prove my point. “Well done.” You’re now an embarrassment to even the two dead Beatles.

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