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  1. You know this boy he is so cute, he’s got a nice body, he may be a little skinny it still looks nice, somebody mention about boxers sticking out that will be nice, but you know what would be really nice if he wasn’t wearing no boxers or underwear, course he’s got his pants on, what should he do in this situation, he’s too cute he looks really good for us not to see more.

  2. You know I just made a comment of this boys body, he has a nice body, but I was noticing that he was taking a picture through the mirror of his back, I was looking at his butt he has a nice butt, you know what would be really cool if he was naked, the way he is taking the picture we can see front and back, it would be nice to see his penis and his butt, he really has a nice butt, I would love to see him naked, I love penis more than butts, don’t get me wrong I love a cute boys butt and penis, I always did love guys naked to see their butt and penis, I just love penis so much.

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