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This video was posted here seven or eight years ago. The original has probably been long-lost since but some guy downloaded it from here and re-uploaded it to YouTube (and got 30k views on it in the process). It’s just random video, the quality didn’t improve from all the down- and uploading but it’s a cute blast from the past so have it once again before we all move on with our lives ;)

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  1. 😘Very nice flashback…
    ~The boy’s adorable but the background tv music sucks and I’d rather he be wrestling some cute boy in matching jeans than some sweaty ramped up female even if she’s his sister!

  2. I think I remember this … back then. And agreed, the background “music” is just Crap.

    Well, you just insured it’s “eternity” by posting it again. It will last through another [YouTube] generation or two now.

  3. he reminds me of a very brief series of photos and short videos called nzoz boys, probably from a decade or so ago.

    1. ~We actually had that excellent de/instruction video way back… Thanks for the memories Chimel!
      No sagging anything on that boy save maybe for his IQ test scores but who cares😈!

    2. “Sagging underpants are great too, but they hurt!”

      What Sagging underpants are you talking about? You see his crack because he pulled his undies down himself, they aren’t “sagging.”

      But on the right looking boy, with hot looking undies, then “sagging” can be sexy.

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