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  1. 😘He was a sparkling highlight of this summer’s AGT that sadly didn’t win due to heavy competion but this kid’s not one to give up…
    He continues dancing on on YouTube and most probably will be still be when that danged dreaded puberty hits! As with Ronan no one will ever forget that adorable face and his first public performances!

    1. Thankfully, because he is a dancer, and not a singer his talent and ability will only increase because of puberty, unlike with singers where it can be totally destructive!

  2. I’m surprised it took you this long to get his video(s) on here. Definitely a cutie and good dancer.

  3. I love his bubbly personality . . . and then when he dances he doesn’t just give us more bubbly, but some real pathos!

  4. Love this kid. Been following him since he first appeared on So You Think You Can Dance. He has lots of vids between youtube and instagram. On the rare occasions when you get to hear him speak, his little chipmunk voice just melts your heart.

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