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An ad released by a newly formed political group seeks to introduce more of America to families with transgender children.

A new ad seeks to do the thing many transgender people say is most crucial to their movement going forward: humanizing the unfamiliar.

Trans United Fund, a newly formed political group, released an ad on Thursday entitled “Meet My Child,” which features transgender children and their parents. Some of those parents convey the confusion they initially felt about what the word transgender meant and others express fear for their children given the high rates of suicide and violence associated with that demographic. But all of them share the characteristic of accepting the gender identity their children express to feel, a trait that is correlated with healthier outcomes for transgender kids.

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  1. This trans boy who would never be mistaken for anything but a “boy” needs to present his argument “You want me to go into a girl’s bathroom” in person on national TV to idiots like Cruz in front of the general public so they can understand the real situation and not buy into this image of Joe Pesci trying to use a lady’s room while wearing a dress. Many people really don’t know any better. This needs to be TV spot run nation-wide as often and for as long as possible.

    1. Well don’t worry Rect0r there are plenty of people who don’t believe you exist either. To them, your “sexuality” is nothing more than a poorly made life choice.

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