Kirby on the Edge

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Kirby wasn’t allowed by his boyfriend (who you can catch on the milkboys chat every now and then) to get off for a week. The results can be inspected below by clicking on the gif ;) (very much NSFW of course)

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  1. As I refresh many of the threads here, I believe I’m now experiencing our fucked up Congress’ response to the total repeal of Net Neutrality — to just “refresh,” it can take forever — via the “arrow,” but just reselecting the site in the address bar does it quickly.

    Unless that’s your server’s response only.

    And on top of all this, I get “moderated” with THIS comment?

    1. Relax, Penboy. If I had a nickel for every comment of mine that was moderated, I’d be sitting pretty on about a buck and a half.

      1. Are you related to the Donald Trump family? Because you clearly can’t read or you just can’t comprehend what’s being written.

        Does it have to be jesus’ bullets for you to grasp anything?

  2. I generally abhor tattoos but having “Bad Ass” on your butt cheek is borderline cool.

  3. Not my scene but undeniably hot. I’d like to see the skinny top in his Batman undies,

  4. He looks good naked, he has a nice penis, I would be doing what this other boy is doing, I would love to fondle that boy’s penis, and suck his penis

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