Kids about Equality: Part XXIV

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There’s so many of these “kids say adorable stuff about marriage equality” videos and they’re pretty much always the same…

But you know what’s cool? When a kid that might have been influenced by its parents or the media or who knows what actually comes around and changes their opinion based on the information they sought out on their own, when they are determined to make up their own mind and come to all the right conclusions: Check this out!

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  1. Thankfully Parliament will now decide before the end of the year. Screw you Turnbull, the majority should never vote on the rights of the minority.

    1. @sylvatica:
      Absolutely correct. As Paul Martin put it back in 2005:

      “The Charter was enshrined to ensure that the rights of minorities are not subjected, are never subjected, to the will of the majority. The rights of Canadians who belong to a minority group must always be protected by virtue of their status as citizens, regardless of their numbers. These rights must never be left vulnerable to the impulses of the majority.”

    2. “… the majority should never vote on the rights of the minority.”

      It seems our [American] religious right still can’t get that fact out of their heads. They keep shouting, “But,we voted against gay marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ad nauseam.

      1. Ooops! Sorry, my mistake. It should read:

        “It seems our [American] religious right still can’t get that fact into their heads.”

  2. They just don’t get it, do they? They really don’t and that’s what makes them so wonderful and honest. They still haven’t been corrupted by the Kevin Swanson of the world.

    1. Yes.

      And, did anyone else think the long-haired girl “looks” like and spoke like [she might have been] a very young Kate Winslet?

  3. ” true ” and ” authentic ” ” gender ” and ” sexuality ” …. WHAT DO THESE EVEN MEAN ??? I remember the movie about the good dancers being made to wear weights so they dance no better than the others. ” A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME IS SMELLS JUST AS SWEET ” and looks just as beautiful and is distinguished by its ” selfish ” beauties. I am an authentic ugly guy and I am beautiful by standards I want nothing to do with. Beauty is not skin deep … that is the ugly view of beauty and the view of the UGLIES. One cannot be attracted to a rotting twig nor a sizzling mold [ unless one just be happens to be ]. I am a ” LOOKSIST ” and an ” AGEIST ” and I defend both with my Ugly self and my Horrible life, or, what is left of either. As for gender identity, and the rest of the transgender / transsexual notions, I decry them with all my might. They are as a game to play and no more, but not any more real than seduction and lured predation. however successful. Even Sandusky of Penn State was at least clearly who he was, an ugly oldie, and the boys fell for him. DUH.

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