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  1. I like the lack of modesty of the boy in the shower. He has no problem being filmed by his brother while in the buff and not trying to cover up himself.

  2. “Prank videos aren’t exactly the epitome of quality content on YouTube but every now and then they’re good for something.”

    Not this time …. it’s no different (for what everyone wants to see). Actually, I’ve seen more interesting/much better ones on YouTube.

    This is pretty much bottom of the barrel for “teasing”.

  3. I think Pete I think he’s cute, he looks good in the shower naked, I always watch him on YouTube, he is so adorable, he looks good naked I would love to suck his penis and eat it out, I would I would love to eat him out, when I’m sucking his penis he well sperm in my mouth and I love to suck more. I am one of his followers on YouTube, and I don’t know how to be a follower as far as anything else.

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