I love You Both

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So Wild is the debut single of I Love You Both, a Ukrainian band by Oleg Zhezhel (best known for his former project Kazaky) which has a heavy focus on a surprising subject: bisexuality. The band is made up of two boys, Roman and Nazar, and one girl, Dasha.

So Wild is about the disappointment and despair of teens stuck between childhood and adulthood. It’s about a lost generation that wants to find itself but isn’t sure how.

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  1. Interesting. Nice song, music. Has elements that require some additional contemplation.

    Tighty-whitey boy at one point appears to show an erection. :-)

  2. Ukrainian band, so I was surprised it was sung in English. I liked it, even without the video.

  3. Let’s hope such initiatives help Ukrainian acceptation of queer sexuality. Very courageous in this country where tolerance does not run high, as in many other ex-Russian countries. Between the ones that are mostly Catholic Orthodox and those that are mainly Muslim, life is not rosy, or even fuchsia, for Eastern European queers…

    Great song and video, but Zhezhel should have named the band I Love You Three! ;)

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