How to deal with Hate

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It’s easy to get frustrated lately. It was never exactly a simple task for queer people to find their place within our society and while we made huge steps into the right direction over the last decades, a lot of work still remains to be done.

Sadly some of the achievements we celebrated in the past are being undone by right-wing politicians gaining new support in America and Europe. It seems like their success motivates many rather small-minded people to come out of their holes to tell you who you’re allowed to love, what you’re supposed to do with your body and which gender you have to live with.

Arguing with these people takes a lot of, often fruitless, effort and can suck all energy out of you. It can become tempting to answer their hate with aggression and cynicism. And while this kind of reply is understandable, it does feel more rewarding and satisfying to take their hateful messages and turn them into a sign of love and strength. And that’s exactly what some New Yorkers on Gay Street did…

You can read more about the incident here :) Submitted by Scatterbrain

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  1. ✝Well, I suppose the cross guys made their statement and then this group made theirs. With the second bunch being so artsy with their bright rainbow paint the cross may finally get the attention of those deaf-ass, public ignoring, authority figures, faster than the original bland one did…
    Good work people!

  2. Nice. I don’t believe in God and other fantasy tales, well, just in fairies of course, but I can imagine this is the true message of love about accepting Jesus in your heart. Let the fundamentalists with bad artistic taste accept the Cross in their ass…

  3. @Chimel
    “Let the fundamentalists with bad artistic taste accept the Cross in their ass…”
    ~They may take offense at that…😂😂

  4. “9 days ago an enormous cross showed up chained and locked to my apt gate. … Confused by the mute point this stranger was trying to make with a cross on Gay street,”

    Confused? Why? It should be fucking obvious. Just another step to shove those LIES of christianty down their [our] throats on “Gay St.” And to paint that cross in rainbow colors is not only poor, but incredibly ignorant taste. Yeah, I get “why” they did it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the painters played directly into their (cross owners/religious fanatics) hands. Result? christianity/religion “wins”. The subliminal message of that cross is more powerful than the superficial painting of it — it still retains the shape and in place. And it sends the most ignorant message of all: homosexuality endorses religions which should be the very last message we should send out.

    I’m all for love and my previous posts have proven this — but we [gays] should do it on our own terms, not theirs.

    1. My dear, dearest Penboy,
      I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news (bad to you anyway) – I am still a Christian – a bona fide, blue ribbon, gold star, Cafeteria Catholic. Long live Our Holy Father Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ, Bishop of Rome, Servant of the Servants of God. The New Testament is concealed within the Old, and the Old is revealed in the New. The writers of both were inspired by Jesus Christ, and both are ultimately all about Him. Whether you believe in God and the immortality of the soul, or you don’t believe in God and believe death is the end, either way, you’re right.

      Now the good news – I, like millions of our gay, lesbian, and bisexual brothers and sisters, have wrestled with my conscience for years and years over my irresistible and irrepressible homosexuality. I have struggled over the obvious problem of being a created child of God, and being ‘that way.’ What’s a boy with an endlessly recurring hard-on, a deep throat and a hungry hole to do? Well, I have also spent a lot of time on YouTube, where I have found a lot of remarkably scholarly research about the subject, and following up with a number of articles found on the Internet, I have drawn some new conclusions. The Scriptures appear to have been somewhat misunderstood. Newer translations, combined with linguistic studies on the eccentricities of ancient Hebrew and Greek are convincing, and have allayed my confusion. I am now comfortable with my orientation.

      Yes, ‘fornication,’ which ranks near the very top of my favorite pastimes, is still a sin, whether hetero or homo, and I am guilty of both, and like everyone else I am guilty of lots of other sins as well. For better or worse, right now, I can’t help myself with my overwhelming sex drive. But, lucky me, my God is a long-suffering and forgiving God, and when He finally leads me to confession with true contrition I believe we’ll be just fine together.

      1. I thought for a while that you were a good troll but no, you are just a typical americunt fucktard. Liek Brown Jebus said in love with your bibble and your guns.
        The world will improve immeasurably when you and your ilk have slithered off into your non-existent afterlife !

        1. Heavens to Betsy Uncle Harry, I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of an immeasurably improved world!

  5. I must admit, when I read this article, my first thought turned to a solution involving axes, kindling creation, matches and a bonfire. While that would have provided momentary enjoyment, these folks answered with a much more satisfying and longer lasting solution. I congratulate them on their creativity.

    1. “my first thought turned to a solution involving axes, kindling creation, matches and a bonfire. ”

      That [rainbow painted cross] would/could have played out in Sessions’ Alabama quite well.

  6. I replied to my first post with a link nearly 24 hours ago — what’s taking the moderating so long?

  7. Do you think “hate” is the problem?
    How come you people can’t face tha fact uor society struggles with structural problems that affects us all and the you say “hate” is the common enemy.

    It is pathetic how people believe everything that goes against their closed pointo of view is “hate”.

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