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Oh, Game of Thrones. For a show being famous for killing off beloved characters left and right it sure upsets lots of people over and over again. I never really felt any emotional impact from any of the many deaths in the show. Spoilers ahead.


Yeah, I was mildly annoyed when Renly got killed because he would have been a good king, I do miss Robert’s fuck y’all attitude and it’s a shame someone like Myrcella isn’t around anymore but emotionally all that was fine. As long as sweet, little Tommen isn’t touched by anyone (except for Margaery of course and maybe Tormund ;p) I’ll be all right.


Last Sunday’s death wasn’t all that different to me. It was OK, it made sense and unlike most other deaths it actually served a purpose. But fuck me, the acting by the fantastic Sam Coleman still haunts me days later. That scene will be stuck with me for quite some time to come and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling like that. What an outstanding young actor.

To make matters worse Sam just recorded a short but sweet song about the whole thing and boy, is it ever touching. Check it out below…

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    1. Okay, now I HAVE TO start buying the DVD’s of this show starting with Season One . . . I can’t afford HBO. Thanks a lot!!! (That’s sarcasm, in case it doesn’t come across in print.) Amazing how something like this (because it LOOKS like a real situation) is so much sexier and more exciting to me (even though the kid’s not even hard) than the by-the-numbers porn videos that always follow the exact same format almost down to the second. Is that just me, I wonder.

      1. “Is that just me, I wonder.”

        Not at all. I’m sure most here would agree to the sexiness of that clip. And interesting comparison.

        I’ll venture a guess as to the reasoning could very well be the fact that it’s “taboo” on most [i.e. commercial] public TV and to see something like that is a bit heart-thumping. And more so because of the extreme rarity [Western societies, anyway] of young male frontals to any female teasing — most particularly, cleavage and sometimes at least the “fleshy parts” of breasts if they won’t show the nipples.

  1. For me, Game of Thrones is unknown except for the name and its popularity since I don’t have cable to watch it. And I won’t watch it unless I can get every episode starting with Season 1, otherwise I won’t understand what it’s all about.

    1. HBO finally came to their senses and $11 (I think, it may be 15) a month will get you access to the entire HBO library via streaming – no cable subscription required. You get every episode of every show they’ve ever made. Every documentary, and movie plus their usual rotating selection of movies. It’s well worth the money especially if you’re already “off the grid” as far as TV goes.

      1. “HBO finally came to their senses and $11 (I think, it may be 15) a month will get you access to the entire HBO library via streaming – no cable subscription required.”

        That’s interesting, I’ll look into it. Thanks for the info.

  2. Why is Sam Coleman’s acting praised so much? He only has a VERY small role. How can you say his acting was fantastic/outstanding??? I really don’t understand this. You just cannot judge his acting in a few minutes of screenplay.

    1. You can judge his acting in a few minutes of screenplay FOR those few minutes of screen play can’t you? What’s the minimum amount of time on screen before you can have an opinion on his performance?

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