Hidden Kisses

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Sixteen-year-old Nathan (Bérenger Anceaux) is the new kid in high school. One night, while attending a party, he falls in love with Louis (Jules Houplain), a boy in his class.

Able to sneak away from the crowd, they find themselves out of sight, and eventually work up the courage to kiss each other, but someone has seen them, someone took a photo of the kiss. As soon as the photo has been posted to social media, a storm of bullying and rejection overtakes their lives.

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  1. One of the better films I have seen in a long while.

    Defo worth a watch.


    (Penboy, do you remember how to use the above? :) )

  2. I’ve watched this very intriguing move at least a dozen times. Well acted for the most part and very interesting storyline.

    The worst of this production? The subtitles — they’re absolutely atrocious — whoever interpreted for them was a complete linguistic idiot. If you can slog through them with some serious mental wrestling of what they’re trying to say, then it’s one of the better gay-themed movies around. The lead characters do a very competent job [with just a few minor hiccups] of telling the story.

    Filmed in Canada around Toronto or Quebec (not sure) in French — the problems of the story carries forth a strong French [religious-based] societal distaste from France into Canada of gay teens and in their schools.

    Highly recommended even with the worst subtitles [interpretation] I’ve ever seen in a movie.

    P.S.: I downloaded this from YouTube just in time because it’s not to be found in its entirety anymore on YouTube.

    1. Filmed in France, a French TV Movie.

      And yes I agree with you Penboy about the subtitles, I have watched from several different file source locations and all have the terrible Subtitles.

      1. “all have the terrible Subtitles.”

        The most bizarrely ironic part of these bad subtitles is the English teacher (and secret protectorate of the couple) issues a couple of “corrections” for the students’ English which, if I remember correctly, were the best of all the subtitles.

      2. Yes, obviously 100% from France, how could anyone imagine it was “filmed around Quebec or Toronto”? I had no problem with the subtitles, thought they were spot-on, but maybe I watched a different version. Depressing film. Maybe a bit exaggerated in this day and age? Couldn’t quite stay until the end, sorry.

        1. “I had no problem with the subtitles, thought they were spot-on, but maybe I watched a different version.”

          At least 2 others verified what I’ve said about them. I seriously doubt that you would have seen a version different enough to provide “better” subtitles. I think your post is just a reflection of your ignorance of language.

  3. Small world: today, the fourth, is Jules Houplain’s (“Louis”) 19th birthday. Currently he’s in the French version of the TV series ‘Eyewitness’. The US version ended last year after just one season. He’s one of two closeted teens, whom witness a murder while on a secret date. A search may be more productive under the orginal French title of ‘Les Innocents.’

  4. I don’t really get what is the need for several versions of a (more or less) same TV show. The original Norwegian show, Øyevittne was rather good, but I guess there is a business opportunity in markets where subtitles don’t work.

    This French movie looks interesting, I’ll try to get it from somewhere.

  5. the website dailymotion.com has the movie you can watch. Search movie hidden kisses and links come up for video and follow the dailymotion.com link. Subtitles are bad, but great movie.

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