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This is the occasional post in which we regretfully feature content from the overproduced shit shows that are X-Factor and America’s got Talent because some of the contestants actually do have really nice voices.

First up is 14-year-old Campbell Walker Fields who was adopted by two guys which, of course, was turned into a tearjerker segment but oh well, not his fault, he seems great and certainly can sing.

Then there’s Grace Vander Waal who must have struck a saucy deal with the devil to get a voice like that, she’s pretty awesome, she writes her own songs too! Will be interesting to see how her voice will age.

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  1. What awful songs. If these two are ever going to go anywhere in this biz, they both need serious management intervention. Look at Ronan Parke – despite his impossibly handsome looks and great voice, 90% of the music-buying audience has never heard of him because he sings stupid stuff nobody wants to hear – and more important – to buy.

    There are about half a dozen super hot teenage-ish boy singers out there, all going nowhere fast. Some smart promoter needs to organize them into a new “Boy-Band” a la In Synch, Backstreet Boys, One Direction and so forth, that allows each of them to take turns soloing because they’re all good. Organized right, promoted right, and singing the right songs, they’d be instant millionaires. And we’d love them.

    Nobody gives a flying fuck thru a rolling donut about an artist’s message, feelings or emotions. And we couldn’t care less about their life stories. Music is performed for the audience – we’re all that matters – the performers can sulk and wallow, weep, pull their hair and gnash their teeth off stage to their heart’s content.

    1. Not that I necessarily disagree, but how do you explain how emo music was so popular for way too long?

      1. The popularity of any kind of music depends on the willingness of the market to support it. Sadly for some arteeests, the segment of the market that is attracted to their product is too small to matter.

        Emo music achieved status among emo kids because it was theirs, they owned it, nothing else competed with it, and that fostered a certain loyalty.

      2. Because it was about real feelings by real people. Even at its commercial worst it spoke to alienated youth. At its earlier best it spoke to all of us with an ounce of sensitivity and feeling in our souls. Not like any of this X Factor nonsense or Ronan Parke rubbish going on round here. Queer means different by design and nature. Update your bleeding stereo.

  2. I agree about the songs, they represent more their parents and the kind of music that these shows and judges promote than express what a 12 or 14 year old kid feels. Both voices need some work too.

    Most boy singers who looked promising, with a bit of talent in them, turn just plain average, like Greyson Chance who used to make great covers. Ronan Sparke did better with the superb “Defined” song and video ( ), although I don’t like his other songs much. My biggest disappointment is with Troye Sivan, not because he now sports the same hairdo as Donald Trump, but because he turned into your everyday shitty pop music same as every other pop singers trained by these so-called talent shows.

    You have to realize that he came from such wonders as “For Them” ( ) 7 years ago, or covers such as “Pumped Up Kicks” ( ). I am not Jewish, but his version of “Ani Ma’Amin” ( ) will stay as one of my preferred songs ever. There’s more feeling in one second of this song than in his whole latest album. I am sure he enjoys what he does now, I just hope his great voice is not just lost onto barely teenage girls fans.

    There’s this other guy I can’t remember the name, he also turned from full of promises into plain average American Country music. There are a few other singers and musicians from these worldwide talent shows I didn’t keep track of, I wonder what became of them.

    Not every boy singer can turn into an opera singer, like Régis Mengus who could not even speak during his youth, just meow ( ). Such a man now:

    If Rossini is not your thing, you may like Beethoven with a twist, 17 year old Tina S guitarist:

  3. horselips’ rant aside, I really like Grace and enjoy her performances. And for her age, her lyrics are wonderful to listen to. No, she’s not designed to perform to grumpy 60 year gay men, but she’s really special. And of course, this will be her in 20 years

    1. I’m absolutely shocked, SHOCKED I say, that the target audience for an adolescent girl is not old men.


    2. @gfron1
      “I really like Grace and enjoy her performances. And for her age, her lyrics are wonderful to listen to.”
      ~She won AGT tonight😎!

  4. This not going to be popular, but …

    [Campbell Walker Fields] Let me see if I got this right:
    I’m a black boy raised and loved by 2 white men (probably gay) because I was born by a black woman who not only couldn’t afford to have me, but obviously didn’t love me (or, at the very least, the idea of having another baby, not to mention that she didn’t love the man who caused this and don’t want the memory of him through this boy). But, just because I’m black, I desperately want (or is it, “think I need”) to at least meet this black woman just because she bore me (btw, what about the black father?). So I’ll feign “love” for this black woman in ideas and now a song on national TV so I can get sympathy (and lots of cash, gifts that I didn’t EARN for my “story”). Oh, yes, not to forget, I’ll sing in a modern-day “gospel” style to emphasize my blackness (and probably religion as well) to really bring on the audience’s water works.

    Let me clean up around my feet where I’ve cried for the last 2 seconds after hearing his sob story. Not content to be satisfied and, yes, even happy, that he has PARENTS THAT LOVE HIM and obviously PROVIDED FOR HIM in ways that his black mother couldn’t possibly (and had no desire to).

    Stop complaining when you have a LOVING family — no matter what color/race and/or sexual identity that’s providing everything you need to get through life.

    Is that about it? Did I emphasize the blackness enough (you know, since he has white parents).

    I’m not being racist, I’m just pointing out the boy’s immaturity and its racism.

    One more thing: OK, I actually agree with horsey on this one.

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