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Jimmy Kimmel broke down last week’s headline-making ruling allowing a California bakery to refuse to make cakes for same-sex weddings in a way that should make it easy to understand for everyone why this ruling is a problem.

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  1. Because the only rights you like are yours. No one else can have rights if you dun wike dem.

  2. I saw this, it was rather interesting and they presented some good points.

    But, this “cake case” through our Supreme Court will have even more influence because of 2 things:

    1) the [illegal] appointment of an extreme far-right religionist justice … and…
    2) the favoring of the cake-baker through our own Department of Justice headed by none other than a racist and religious lunatic homophobe, Jeff Sessions from our most backward State, Alabama. Our Department of Justice is supposed to be fighting for equal rights — not creating even more homophobia through this administration.

  3. Kimmel is such a bigot, noticed how there were no Muslims in his sketch? ;)
    Well maybe it’s because they use only Muslim bakeries, or there are no gay Muslims according to Muslim leaders, or they home-bake their own wedding cakes. Tip: a Cointreau-soaked carrot cake makes a great and delicious supporting first layer for birthday or wedding cakes. A sponge cake will soon turn into a pancake under the weight.

    Jimmy is right, this California ruling makes no sense as it leads to no stopping at any form of discrimination. I hope the Supreme Court will over-rule it, or at least will do so next time there is a decent and younger Supreme Court, because they should first rule on themselves to retire after 70…

    On the other hand, you must understand the baker: gay wedding cakes are so much harder to bake and assemble compared to the traditional 3-layer cake: Why couldn’t gays agree on a 3-color logo instead of the 7-color rainbow?

    1. “I hope the Supreme Court will over-rule it, or at least will do so next time there is a decent and younger Supreme Court, because they should first rule on themselves to retire after 70…”

      What fucking fairy tale have you been reading?

    2. “Kimmel is such a bigot, noticed how there were no Muslims in his sketch?”

      No he isn’t (because of that) — but what that represents is as it should be — regulating muslims (islam) to the outliers of [Western] societies — exactly as it should be for any decent society.

  4. I’m from Australia where marriage equality has only just become a reality and we don’t hear of any of these types of things happening here. It may be a stereotype that Americans will sue over anything but would it not be easier to boycott and run campaigns against any businesses that perpetuate this kind of discrimination rather than run to the courts?

    Here’s a thought, get a straight person to order your cake for you and then once it’s paid for and made, go in as a couple and pick it up – you’ve paid for it therefore it’s your property and if the bakery then refuses to hand it over, they’ve basically stolen your cake.

    Sometimes I think that some of our gay brothers and sisters go out of their way to make trivial things an issue. Your bakery or wedding planner or photographer or reception venue or celebrant doesn’t deal with gay people? Find ones who do then smash the bigoted ones on social media.

    If a person is running a business thinks that their morals are more important than making money to keep their doors open, they don’t deserve to be in business.

    1. With a lot of Americans, especially the Religious types, a boycott won’t work, why?…….because they will be attracted to the businesses of fellow bigots like fly’s to shite, it’s in their nature to support “fellow travellers”. They would also crowdfund any bigot and his business overnight….I dare say the Pastor would be handing round the tray for people to empty their wallets, and they would. Look how the gullible press their palms up to the telly screen when some snake oil salesmen, shouts, “Hallelujah, you’re cured, now send $200”. And they do, even though they’re living in their own shite, with no insurance, no job, no hope and no savings in a trailer park in Alabama.

  5. Honestly, I love this ruling even though I think the court got their reasoning wrong.

    If people that bigoted are forced to do business with me, I might accidentally spend my money at their business without realizing what they are. Worse still, who knows what they’d do to my food out of spite.

    Better that they be allowed to expose their hateful attitudes openly so that I and others can ensure we are not contributing to the livelihood of bigots. Now if only there was a way to figure out which ones think it should be a crime to offend anyone so I can stop doing business with them too….

  6. So now they dare making fun of all this? Why didn’t they do it 40 years ago? Or why not help some group that’s actually being treated badly for no good reason? Beating dead horses is pointless.

    1. The problem is that the louder people protest that they want fair or equal treatment, the more likely they’re actually pushing for preferential treatment.

  7. I’m also curious whether Kimmel is smart enough to realize that simply putting a white supremacist at that table would show just how flawed his logic is.

    1. because you don’t always know they hate you. A passing acquaintance only occasionally is apart of any social construct.

      I’m amendable a little bit to a christian-specific bake-shop offering an alternative in a similar manner.

      I’m not ok with somebody deciding that their religion is what is the ruling interaction, or deciding what the other person’s religion is.

      In this case, the reasoning is flawed; and actually already has previous court cases along the same lines in favor of denying or allowing the interaction to take place. (ie buying cake.) Generally, it’s a safe-grounds rule or the object has nothing to do whatsoever with the action being performed. (ie. buying cake.) which is the determinant factor as to whether or not it is denied.

      (like developing a case for poisoned cake.)

  8. I’ll stick with my Friday Night special at Luigi’s. Horse Cock and Testicles with a creamy cheese sauce. My fiancee will have the toad in the hole with brown sauce. Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives prefers something fishy, as does the ex leader of Scottish Labour, Kezia Dugdale. “There’s nowt as queer as folk”. I believe Jimmy Savile, (look him up), liked his wine like his women…. 12 years old and cold.

  9. The teeny-weeny precious few bakery owners that have a religious problem with baking wedding cakes for same-sex marriages have long had an ‘out’ that the law must respect: they simply ‘contract’ with local churches, mosques and synagogues who refuse to preside over gay weddings to only bake wedding cakes for customers referred to them by those specific houses of worship. Just like merchandise wholesalers don’t have to sell to the general public, and may reserve sales to contracted retailers, these bakeries are protected by similar contract law.

    I am personally a little torn between 2 points of view; on one hand, I am loathe to allow discrimination of any kind in the free marketplace, on the other hand, I am equally loathe to permit government to order me to do any fucking thing at all. Thou ‘shalt nots’ are one thing, but thou ‘shalts’ are a whole ‘nuther matter – infringing on my rights of freedom of association, and the free exercise of religion as I fucking see it.

    Okee-Dokee, when any person takes out a business license, it comes with certain obligations formulated for the public good. I get that. It works, and I’m generally for that. But no government obligation, especially one which forces someone to perform work against their will and their faith, can stand against the Declaration of Independence (the enabling document for our very existence and thus for the Constitution) which declares our liberties are endowed by our Creator alone, and thus beyond the jurisdiction of government at any level to abridge or revoke. (Admittedly a surpassingly clever bit of legal hocus-pocus to ‘demote’ King George III. Thank you Tommy Jefferson, well done).

    If we allow the government to assume the top spot over “Nature and Nature’s God” (the Creator), we give the state far to much power – absolute power in fact – to give us anything, or take anything, and even everything, away. Including our guns. This country was founded on the individual, not the collective – the public be damned – as the rock group the Animals stated it so well, “it’s my life and I’ll do what I want.” Don’t like it? Eat shit and die.

    (Needless to say, I’m perfectly willing to contract with government to provide certain services, facilities and protections in return for taxation, but be careful that the money is well spent and accounted for lest careless legislators be voted out at the next election.)

    There’s always another baker, but if our liberty be deflated, who re-inflates it? When? How? Jefferson had an answer for that too – “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” That means revolution or civil war, and nobody wants that.

    So, my enlightened government, in enacting your well-meaning regulations, take care to tread very lightly indeed, and be damned sure you “Don’t Tread On Me.”

    1. So to cut a long sermon short, should you as say, a landlord be allowed to put up signs in your establishment, if you wish, without fear of the law or lawsuit or backlash etc, saying, “No Nigg**s Allowed on these Premises!? Yes or No? and if not, why not? If we take your ramblings to it’s ultimate conclusion. Or is that the next Constitutional Amendment of Trumps? and for all those wishing his demise including all the SJW’s out there, I have two words for you….Mike Pence. God, and indeed Allah, Krishna, Buddha etc rest all our souls if that fucking nutjob is ever sworn in. Maybe Penboy can put me right? Does Mike Pence want to rebuild the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem? If so here comes WW3

      1. Relax. Like I said, I’m generally in favor of the obligations that come with business licenses. I’ve held plenty of them in my restaurant and retail business careers. There already exist lots of places where the public is unwelcomed. Try scheduling a straight wedding reception in a gay bar. Take care you’re not wearing the wrong color clothing should you wander into the wrong biker bar. Or get caught being the wrong race on ‘that’ side of town. See what happens if a woman tries to crash a tyled Masonic Lodge. And if you’re a man ‘identifying’ as a woman, see what happens if you try to go into a ladies’ rest room this father’s daughter happens to be in. Guaranteed -we’re making the news. Unlike your claim, any discrimination based solely on race, even if technically legal, would be severely “backlashed” by the public; I doubt whether such a business could long survive.

        As for Vice President Pence, former Governor of Indiana, it must be said that he left his state in pretty good economic shape, far from circling the fiscal drain that CA, NY, IL, MD, CT, and quite a few other high-tax ‘blue” states find themselves swirling and spiraling down around.

        As for the 3rd Temple, I’m not Jewish, but I’d like to see it started. I can find no chapter or verse in Scripture that says it must be built on Temple Mount, so the Dome of the Rock can stay right there, with the 3rd Temple relocated to any other suitable site. The two real problems might be finding genuine descendants of the tribe of Levi from which to recruit priests to officiate, and getting around the bad press about animal sacrifices.

        The main point of my ‘sermon’ was that as government grows, individualism shrinks, the freer the individual, the more limited the government. Government should be constricted in size and scope, and never permitted to consolidate so much power, for any reason – good or bad, that individual liberty becomes marginalized.

      2. whiterabbit and others:
        “and for all those wishing his demise including all the SJW’s out there, I have two words for you….Mike Pence. God, … rest all our souls if that fucking nutjob is ever sworn in. Maybe Penboy can put me right? ”

        You’re right to fear Pence — it is HE that is the primary instigator of all this right-wing Executive Orders for social control that Puppet Trump has signed into laws (which will be reversed as soon as Democrats get control [hopefully] this November). And that’s not even taking into consideration all the corporate-funded deregulations being ordered through Pence — and that most definitely includes this latest tax bill.

        But as a “fucking nutjob” [and he is, to be sure], I must admit [and only because of social graces], Pence would be preferable to the absolute mentally ill idiot we have now. Pence can be controlled by crowds, whereas this social pig we have in the office we have now is more like a rabid animal demanding red meat. And that preference is only by the slimmest margin.

        1. USA! USA! USA! USA!
          Make America Great Again!

          What a time to be alive!
          And American!
          Build the Wall!
          Lock her up!

    2. horsey, your level of hypocrisy is amazing, even for a gay Republican:

      “But no government obligation, especially one which forces someone to perform work against their will and their faith, can stand against the Declaration of Independence (the enabling document for our very existence and thus for the Constitution) which declares our liberties are endowed by our Creator alone, and thus beyond the jurisdiction of government at any level to abridge or revoke.”

      And you need to learn about American history. You’ve never noticed that the ONLY reference to “creator” was in that DoI — and NOWHERE in our Constitution which is an ACTUAL BILL OF LAW(s)? whereas the DoI wasn’t anything but a DECLARATION — the very same thing as a person at a podium shouting a rant? Not to mention that “creator” can be taken as many things (since it ISN’T “law”) — like, for example, one’s parents (they are the most explicit and provable “creators”).

      And, “Tommy” Jefferson, as you refer to him was a deist, NOT a “christian” by any means. What most people neglect to notice about deists (and this is amazing if you’ve read Thomas Paine’s excellent book, The Age Of Reason [ALL 3 parts]) is that “deists” are really no more than atheists (or at least agnostics) acquiescing to a christian-influenced society without persecution.

      You’re so fucking brainwashed with your “religion,*” you can’t even think straight, let alone write anything that makes any social sense.


      * religion is actually: Socio-Political Ideology and has nothing to do with any “god” other than using the concept as a psychological weapon for FEAR AND CONTROL.

      1. I’m happy you’ve read The Age of Reason, but never forget the most important thing Tommy Paine ever said, “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

        Lock & Load

        Your casual dismissal of the Declaration of Independence reveals your “can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees” level of comprehension of the whole of the American Revolution, from Declaration, to Treaty of Paris, to Articles of Confederation, to Constitution, and thereafter. You’re probably equally unaware that almost the entirety of the ideology underpinning the Revolution is founded in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and that most of the principles regarding individual liberty, freedom of religion, checks and balances in government, even the concept of one-man-one-vote were first enumerated in Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723 (the governing document of the United Grand Lodge of England).
        No wonder Washington and 33 of the Continental Army’s major generals, and our first naval Commodore John Paul Jones were all Masons. So were the Marquis de Lafayette, Baron vonSteuben, and most of the foreign nobles who volunteered their services, and even the French generals and admirals dispatched by King Louis XVI to fight the British – the Comte Rochambeau, the Comte D’Estaing, and the Comte de Grasse were Masons. The ideological parallels, suggestions and inferences between Freemasonry’s Constitutions and the U.S. Constitution are eye opening. The French Revolution wasn’t started by Masons, but they made up a full third of the National Assembly.
        After Independence, our Revolution was ‘exported’ to Latin America where two great Masons – the great Liberators Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin fought for independence. The Revolution was also exported to Texas where Crocket, Bowie, Travis, Austin and Houston – all Masons – secured the freedom of that great state from the tyranny of Santa Ana. The resistance against Emperors Maximillian and Napoleon III’s effort to conquer Mexico was led by Benito Juarez – another Mason.
        (Other Masons – Garibaldi who unified Italy and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who overthrew the Ottoman Sultanate head a long list of Masons who have literally shaped much of the world we live in.)

        There’s so much to history that we don’t learn in school – especially the esoteric and arcane connections between peoples and events, and the unspoken undercurrents that drive the affairs of great men and nations. We should always remember two important quotations: (1) “History is written by the victors” – Sir Winston Churchill, and (2) “History is a fable, agreed upon.” – Napoleon.

        Understanding history is impossible for the young – they haven’t been around long enough. But for a very good foundation to comprehending the essential nature of western civilization let me suggest Edward Gibbon’s monumental history, “The Decline And Fall of The Roman Empire.” If you read nothing else, a helluva lot that makes little sense to you now … would then make sense. Enjoy.

        1. You’re such a fucking hypocrite:
          “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

          Just exactly what are you doing to “protect OUR country from THIS government?

          Playing soldier with a fucking paper target at a target range with your high powered rifle?

          Stop being so self-righteous when you’re just as fucking stupid as our government (today) with your LIES.

    3. “Your casual dismissal of the Declaration of Independence reveals your “can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees” level of comprehension of the whole of the American Revolution,”

      Hardly. But our Declaration of Independence was just that — “declaration” — not laws in any way. I recognize its importance — thanks in large part to “Tommy” Paine and his Common Sense.

      My “casual dismissal” was/IS to the concept of “creator” — NOT to the declaration of our independence.

      As I stated before, the Constitution makes NO reference to any “god” other than the prescribed, legal method of establishing a date: “in the year of our lord” — which is through customs only and not any laws. In other words, I don’t give a shit what you believe, but I’ll do my own “lock and load” if you try to force that total bullshit on me through any laws.

      Get it now?

  10. Bloody hell. I actually agreed with your last paragraph. Being a Scottish Nationalist I fear and detest centralised Government, even within Scotland. Some might not agree with me but constitutional wise I’m with Switzerland and their Cantons. The nearer a politician is to the people the easier it is to hang the bastard from the nearest tree. In theory at the very least.

    1. Why shouldn’t we agree? You’re our Mother Country – you raised us. As Sir Winston Churchill quipped, “The Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing … after they’ve tried everything else.” Kids! Whataya gonna do?

      1. It was a Scotsman and his descendants who took over the English throne and ruled their Parliament with an Iron Fist. It was Westminster that was the puppet Parliament. The Scottish Parliament could ignore a Sovereigns whims and often did. Only after 1689 could the English Parliament do the same. After the 1707 Union of Crowns and Parliaments the Scot’s effectively ran their colonies, except the American colonies that were technically English and not British. We even founded the Bank of England at the same time. But I’m not an Imperialist, I’m a Nationalist, and time Scotland and England went our own way. Let’s make it best out of three. lol. However I am with the 40% of Yes voters that voted leave, (compared to 36% of No voters who voted leave). . The E.U. is Centralised, unaccountable and corrupt as hell. God knows how many times they have refused an Internal Audit?

  11. Penboy, even before the advent to the Monotheistic Abrahamic Thought Police, the Pagans were doing much the same. You could basically fuck to your hearts desire, (Mother, daughter and son), as long as the man was a “top”, paid his dues in labour, kind, coins and blood then you were ok. But it was still a form of control. Politics and Religion are different cheeks of the same stinking arsehole.

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