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  1. According to U.S. FDA Requirements, all ingredients must be of the same quality and the labeling must show accurate amounts of each quality ingredient.

    Looking at both left and right “ingredient” photos, I don’t think the milk(s) in Cadbury milk chocolate is oif the same high quality. I’d suggest omitting the left milk and retain only the right milk.

    Also, Cadbury should provide accurate amounts (how many boys [and the quality of each boy?] contributed) of said milk in their milk chocolate bars.

  2. Does anyone have an original source on this, or any more pictures (specifically of the right hand side)?

    1. I like the Cadbury’s flake adverts I came across on youtube that showed a woman in a overflowing bath performing fellatio on a flake. My idea of heaven. Other guys may campaign for a cadbury’s creme egg advert of someone performing analingus on half a chocolate creme filled egg. I’ll stick with a flake.

  3. As a bisexual, this looks like the perfect threesome. Hot girl, cute boy, lots of chocolate. Oh the fun that could be had :P

      1. @
        “Sad story and of course it’s all about big business greed.”

        You’re so correct. And what pisses me off even more is that I never knew (tasted) the original flavor and Hershey kept the original recipe away from me[us — the public].

        And just like so many food products (especially drinks), SUGAR (or monosaccharides and including glucose, fructose & galactose, ETC.) is the FIRST ingredient. Which just proves that our corporations’ FIRST PRIORITY is to addict everyone to whatever sugar they can. The more we’re addicted to it, the more we’ll BUY and therefore, the more PROFIT THEY will make.

        This is an interesting article explaining the effects of sugar, et al.:

  4. I might get a tummy ache but I would gladly eat my way through the milk chocolate on the right to get to his creamy center.

  5. I so desperately wish someone could find this pic in a higher resolution. This boy has the most beautiful body i have ever seen.

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