Ex-Gay: Not even the Facts are Straight

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If you ever have a debate with Scott Blair–who was invited to attend Harvard Law–make sure you have your facts straight. It’s a lesson an ex-gay counselor learned soon into their first–and last–meeting.

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  1. Conversion therapy is definitely literal torture and almost never works. You’re more likely to commit suicide than to “be saved.” Also, many children have to go through these “therapies” (which include but aren’t limited to electroshock therapy) against their will since they are minors.

    1. Electroshock therapy isn’t a bad thing. Sadly most people get their medical “knowledge” from horror films. It doesn’t look like what you think it looks like. It’s painless and is successfully being used against depression for years now. Just check out this:


      “ex-gay therapy” is a scam of course, there’s no such thing as turning a gay person straight.

      1. Being a mental health nurse myself I can confirm from speaking to patients and direct involvement in electroshock therapy that it is not painless, does not have much beneficial effect and I have actually witnessed 2 deaths as a direct result of this “therapy”. Do not believe all you read in medical papers.

    2. @Zed:
      “Conversion therapy is definitely literal torture and almost never works.
      No, it never works to turn anyone heterosexual. The most it does (for the religious) is just closes the closet door tighter or even locks it depending on the society of the victim of that therapy. That person will ALWAYS REMAIN GAY, he just hides it “better”.

      1. Correct, and keeping in mind the concept of fluid sexuality and orientation. I am much more attracted to men now than I was as a kid, although I certainly was attracted then as well. So, if you’re more on the hetero side of the scale then it is easier to suppress your feelings…but things change.

  2. Like the delicious Scott Blair, I too have entertained a lifelong fascination for the Roman Empire, its rise, flourishing, decline and fall. Suffice it to say that neither debauchery or Christianity had much of anything to do with the fall of Rome. Start instead with “nothing lasts forever” and go from there. But, since we could debate the ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ of the subject for years and years, I will instead comment on the video.

    Scott Blair is right. Compulsory conversion therapy is psycho-socio-religious quackery. It does emotional violence, and despite its ostensibly good intentions, it’s a train-wreck for all involved – therapists and patients alike.

    Can we talk about ancient Rome? Anybody like gladiator movies?

    1. “Compulsory conversion therapy is psycho-socio-religious quackery.
      Omg! Are you finally start to climb over that idiotic religious fence to the … gulp!! … other side?

        1. @horsey:
          “I just call ’em like I see ’em.

          Really? Aren’t you pushing that a bit far? I mean, Have you seen your “god” yet? It’s been over 2000 years — isn’t it about time by now?

          Just like Trump & Co. … be careful of what you say to “defend” the indefensible.

  3. I wonder if he’s had some sort of injury – he very much talks out the side of his mouth.

    Anyway – very eloquent, and smart kid. He’ll kill it at Harvard (if he hasn’t already).

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