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  1. The dialogue was riveting, the sex scene hot as hell, the battle scene was spectacular, and the death of the bird broke my heart. Oscars all around!

  2. ** SPOILER ALERT ** Well, it depends on what you consider as sex. A tender kiss on the cheek can be hotter than some anal scenes. And dialogue is not always spoken – although even the mimics are very limited here. And there’s more than one battle here – the bird’s battle for life, the boy’s internal battle trying to find out who he is and whom he likes better, the girl’s battle around the shorter boy… funny thing is, the bird’s death was the comic relief ;)

  3. I’m sure the younger guy was deflowered in that last scene, the older guy nutting inside him and seeding him and giving the little bitch a rim job afterwards. Who needs flowers and chocolates? BTW where’s that weird guy that thinks two 17 year old boys making out are both paedophiles?

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