Four Moons

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Four stories about love and self-acceptance: An eleven year-old boy struggles to keep secret the attraction he feels towards his male cousin. Two former childhood friends reunite and start a relationship that gets complicated due to one of them’s fear of getting caught. A gay long lasting relationship is in jeopardy when a third man comes along. An old family man is obsessed with a young male prostitute and tries to raise the money to afford the experience.

The film is available for streaming here.

Four Moons (Original Title: Cuatro lunas)
Release: 2014, Mexico | IMDb | Website

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  1. ❦The friendship between the two boys above is like ‘Jonnor’ from “The Fosters” turned up a notch yet nicely done with a deft hand. I much enjoyed the sweetness of their growing relationship which linked with a later meeting in college in another segment which was also shown in the part I saw, (twenty minutes or so) from the free link but I didn’t trust the signup for the movie streaming service in order to see the rest… some of those deals can be quirky or a straight up ripoff.
    “Cuatro Lunas” looks like it could be quite interesting.

    1. Why did you bring up Jonnor!? I just finished the episode The Show in Season 3, and I’m devastated! Devastated I tell you!

      1. …I feel for you :(
        Best I can find out on the net as I don’t watch the show is the boys are now separated by miles and the relationship is faltering. Also saw something about Gavin Macintosh, (Connor) possibly leaving the show?

      2. Except for small segments, it reflected very poor writing and forced acting. Unfortunately, it was over regulated by our religious right and therefore, the story of Jonnor was doomed from the start.

        Because of some somewhat personal issues [off the set], Jonnor broke up permanently, both on screen story and their friendship in real life. Too bad, as it had promise (both of them).

    1. Without seeing it (or the desire to pay for the d/l), I’d almost agree with you because of the dialog and “action” as depicted in the scene above:

      [Sitting right next to curious boy, almost touching, curly haired unzips his pants]

      Curly haired boy (CHB): There it is.
      Curious boy (CB): Well, it looks prettier that way.
      CHB: It’s the same.
      CB: Hey. Can I touch it?
      CHB: Don’t be a fag.

      CB: Look how it got. [???] [Moves his hand over to fondle CHB’s penis.]
      CHB: [Breathing hard from anticipation and satisfaction.] You’re such a fucking faggot.

      I tire of homophobic dialog while at the same time showing natural curiosity actions. It just reaffirms the ignorance of the religious teachings and makes it appear as it’s supposed to be.

  2. I have to disagree with the reviews of the overall movie. I thought it was great. Four different stages of people’s lives and how the cope with being gay. Awesome stuff. I felt terrible for the young boy. I know just what he was feeling. At that age finding out you are different and try to explore. And the couple that broke up. So many relationships go through that. Gay and straight. And the longing of the older man for something he wanted his entire life but could not live his life as wanted. And the two guys who find themselves years after school and develop a relationship. Well done. I think I saw it on Amazon Prime, subtitled for the English speaking.

  3. When I watched the clip above, Youtube brings up other clips to watch. I watched the one titled : The Summer House 2014. Very cute boy and older man relationship. I then found the entire movie online, without cost too. It too is subtitled. But it was a good movie. Touches on the boy man subject and how that affects his relationship with his wife, daughter and an older younger guy who he sees off and on. Somewhat dark movie in the subject matter. But certainly nothing anyone here is already fully aware of. Its a good movie, check it out.

    1. @Erik
      ~For a minute there I thought the daughter might be the only one in the film with her head screwed on straight but that was not the case… There was more than one bad seed in this film! A quirky movie for sure but thanks for suggesting it.

  4. Title: Cuatro lunas [4 Moons]
    Initial release: March 24, 2014
    Director: Sergio Tovar Velarde
    Runtime: 110 min
    Language: Spanish
    Subtitle: English (hard coded)

    Ficha de ‘Cuatro lunas’:

    Carteles de ‘Cuatro lunas’:

    if ya wanna keep film let video play little while then right-click & choose ‘Save file as’ => videoplayback.mp4
    (rename video after downloaded)
    muchas gracias googleusercontent!

    luvsmilkboys ;)

    1. @luvsmilkboys
      ❦Appreciate your furnishing the link to this wonderful film which I was able to watch gratis thanks to you. Plus I now know that the 4 Moons were actually independent tales and not as I had believed after seeing the first twenty minutes…
      The two young cousins were not the ones who met later in college and their story was all the better for it. Watching all the stories unfold was enjoyable even if I may have favored one over the other. I’d recommend anyone with some free time to take a chance on it but do know it’s uncensored.

  5. This last weekend, I was “lucky” enough to find this DVD in my usual DVD rental store. Since I had a credit to use, I rented it for free. I’m glad I did.

    I stand by my criticism of homophobic dialog along with actions of natural curiosity. But, after watching it in full, I can better understand the context with the cultural use of it in this movie. I now accept why he used the dialog he did, but I’m still uncomfortable with it.

    The movie isn’t as bad as some have said (and I assumed by their opinions). I do recommend it if you don’t have any other movie to watch.

    1. After seeing this movie (DVD), I consider it a very interesting movie to “analyze” so I was able to make a copy of it — for editorial purposes only. :-)

  6. S P O I L E R . A L E R T !!!

    One more think about this movie I thought quite interesting and something akin to an experience of my own:

    The 2 boys were having what appeared to be a breakfast together along with a glass of milk for both. After both were finished, the straight-haired boy attempted to drink a bit of milk from the curly-haired boy’s glass of unfinished milk.

    I don’t recall any other “gay” scenes that one would do that (similar) with another boy’s “possession” (for want of a better word).

    Not food but something else: When I was in the service, I “fell for” another guy in my outfit and we went to classes together. I was totally enamored by him — his looks, his way of speaking and his style of dress.

    He was leaving for the weekend with 2 others to another state nearby (one of the others home). He was getting ready to take a shower, he was nude and not hiding anything about it. He was gorgeous in my eyes — every bit of him. He then said something very unusual to me for one in a military service: “If you want, you can sleep in my bed while I’m away.” No one else was around us at that moment.

    That type of “offer” was unheard of being in the military. I didn’t respond to him because it caught me off-guard and rather frightened me (the need for secrecy at that time was absolute). I didn’t understand the “gesture,” either.

    That Friday night, I got my toiletry kit (including an alarm clock) and went to his room (since both of them were gone together) and slept that night in his bed. The desire overcame me and I really wanted to sleep in his bed. I had set the alarm to 5 AM so that I could go back to my room “unnoticed”. I made up his bed as tightly as I could to hide any evidence I slept there.

    We never got together sexually, but I’ll always remember that and I never regret doing it either.

  7. De coloribus et gustibus non disputandem est…that is the real loss of time…just feel it as it comes and download or delete

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