Grace & Campbell

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This is the occasional post in which we regretfully feature content from the overproduced shit shows that are X-Factor and America’s got Talent because some of the contestants actually do have really nice voices.

First up is 14-year-old Campbell Walker Fields who was adopted by two guys which, of course, was turned into a tearjerker segment but oh well, not his fault, he seems great and certainly can sing.

Then there’s Grace Vander Waal who must have struck a saucy deal with the devil to get a voice like that, she’s pretty awesome, she writes her own songs too! Will be interesting to see how her voice will age.

Hold the Door

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Oh, Game of Thrones. For a show being famous for killing off beloved characters left and right it sure upsets lots of people over and over again. I never really felt any emotional impact from any of the many deaths in the show. Spoilers ahead.


Yeah, I was mildly annoyed when Renly got killed because he would have been a good king, I do miss Robert’s fuck y’all attitude and it’s a shame someone like Myrcella isn’t around anymore but emotionally all that was fine. As long as sweet, little Tommen isn’t touched by anyone (except for Margaery of course and maybe Tormund ;p) I’ll be all right.


Last Sunday’s death wasn’t all that different to me. It was OK, it made sense and unlike most other deaths it actually served a purpose. But fuck me, the acting by the fantastic Sam Coleman still haunts me days later. That scene will be stuck with me for quite some time to come and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling like that. What an outstanding young actor.

To make matters worse Sam just recorded a short but sweet song about the whole thing and boy, is it ever touching. Check it out below…

Back on the Wall

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Greyson Chance (remember about him?) just released his new music video. And while this kind of generic pop is really not my thing, it’s nice to see that he’s still making music even though he seems to have the same difficulties as Ronan Parke when it comes to translating the amazing voice they impressed the world with into a unique brand now that they’re getting older.