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A Decade and a Move

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I’m doing this little blog for ten years now. That’s actually pretty crazy. Ten years is a damn long time on the internet and I’m quite proud and thankful to you that we’re still here. When milkboys started, the “web 2.0” was blooming, blogs popped up everywhere and boys looked like this. Now most people consider Facebook to be the internet, blogs are dead in the water but at least boys look like this ;)

Photo by Milo

As many of you know neither the blog nor I were able to enjoy financial stability for the majority of the last ten years. While the blog should be fine for the most part now, I can’t really say the same for myself. I’d obviously like to change that and even though it doesn’t have anything to do with milkboys directly, I’d like to shamelessly use this opportunity to ask for help with that.

A friend offered me a job that would enable me to start over with my life. I could pay off the debt that’s haunting me since forever, I could actually earn enough to not worry about the little things in life and basically start with a clean sheet.

Let’s move?

The only hurdle is that I would have to move to another city, which is an exciting prospect; I’m just lacking the money to do so. So if you like what I do and want to help me out with this I’d be forever grateful! Just to make it extra clear, this is about me personally, not this blog. So I completely understand if you’d rather spend your money on other things. But if you feel extra-generous, here’s the link to my personal (!) donation page:

Donation Link

Thanks heaps!¬†‚̧ԳŹ

Quick Status Update

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Hey everyone, you may have noticed that there were fewer posts here lately than there used to be. That’s because I had some rather¬†tedious health issues for the last few months which cost me a lot of energy. I’m getting better now though, I actually feel almost human again so I’ll try my best to get back to the old schedule from here on.

On a different note: A friend will help me with moving the site to amazon’s cloud servers some time next week. That will hopefully make the site faster for people especially in Europe and Asia and should eventually be cheaper too. I’ll try to avoid any downtime but can’t promise anything so if we’re offline for a day or two, you know why.

That’s all for now, feel free to mail me if you have any questions and thanks a lot to everyone who supports me and the site, knowing that you guys have my back means a lot and helped tremendously during the stressy times I had of late!

PS: Have a random naked boy ;)

Quick Personal Update

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Gonna keep this short: I’m super duper sick at the moment and can’t move much/do anything that requires any kind of energy–hence the lack of posts. I’ll try to make some as soon as possible so please don’t stop coming here <3

Thursday Poll *3

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In 4th grade our biology books told us that most boys experience their first ejaculation during a wet dream. We all thought that this must be some kind of legend because literally not a single one of the boys in my class ever had one of those mystical wet dreams, every one of us came the first time because we worked for it ;) But apparently some people have different experiences, let’s find out!

Fresh Milk (Updates)

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If you follow us on Twitter or Patreon you probably know most of this by now but let’s catch up real quick with what’s new for everyone else.

The Server

I’m talking to someone who offered to help out with the hosting situation right now so this was hopefully the last time the site went down.¬†They’re an actual, professional hoster so while it won’t be free, it will be cheaper than it is right now and we can still rely on professional maintenance of the server and not worry about getting kicked off all of sudden without any warning.

The Chat

I have connected our Patreon campaign to our chat. So you can now connect your personal Patreon account with your Discord account. That way you get a special user role in the chat that comes with some perks (among other things access to special channels like the behind the scenes blog, the details can be found on the campaign page).

We also added some new channels to the chat. #introductions is the place for you to tell the world how amazingly interesting you are (or just share your dick size, whatever floats your goats). And #homework is there to help you get through school, uni or whatever else is throwing disgusting algebra at you.

So next time you’re bored or just want to pick some flowers just go and check out the chat, it’s a pretty sweet place with loads of nice people. And Blue.

The Quest

Talking about the chat: One of our resident catboys, which you probably remember from Cute Caturday *9, is thinking about applying for a role as an actor with our friends over at Helix Studios. So if you want to let him know that you support that endeavour, head over to this post on his Tumblr and like it ;)

Video submitted by Denis, photo by F0rever Unde4d and kitten edit by kzone