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Not many boys dance ballet, but 11-year-old Gabriel Romero, who trains at Thom McIntyre’s Philadelphia Dance Center, is the ultimate boy ballerina (or ballerino). Even if he’s the only boy ballet dancer among dozens of girls, Gabe doesn’t let it get to him. He’s in the studio and at the barre for one key reason: dance is his passion, and he’s not afraid to express it.

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      1. 😉Did that because many ignorant people don’t consider ballet a sport; especially your average homophobic sport lover and his well brought up just-like-daddy bullying offspring!

  1. Ballet dancers are considerably more athletic than [American] football players — and more intelligent as well.

    Good for him. He just might compete in a Summer Olympics someday as a gymnast, for example.

  2. There is no more arduous or demanding physical activity. He’s a tough young man. Many years ago I had a 6th grade class in a NYC private school. One of the girls studied at the ABT. One day for fun I got the boys to line up at the chalk rail. She put them through some of the basic positions. After a few minutes they were exhausted, but had a new respect for the art form.

  3. He is 11 and he already understands “it doesn’t matter what others think it only matters what you think, what your inner passions are and you should reach for that”. Wow! Congrats to the outstanding parents that helped him achieve that insight…

    1. To be fair: They tell him how to say the stuff, you have a pre recorded interview and then the interesting stuff gets rewritten (in a conversation) and actually recorded, so that it sounds more coherent and gets the message across, that the writter (editor) had in mind.

      1. Sadly, when I watched the video, the boy’s words didn’t sound like his own. It’s too bad someone had to “write” his thoughts & words for him, that instantly ruined the video, making it feel totally “staged” rather than a honest interview/profile.

  4. I saw Baryshnikov dance the Le Lac des Cygnes (I believe it was), from a really well placed box seat in Lincoln Center. He is a very powerful man and watching him on tip toes effortlessly catch a grown woman jumping through the air and then prance around on his tip toes while carrying her was inspiring. I didn’t see it as a sissy endeavor anymore. I then took ballet classes in college and was a star being the only man in class with a lot of nice women. The women came up to me after the first class and said how happy they were that I was in the class. I recommend mixed classes for any heterosexual man.

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