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  1. Well done, but I honestly took this as a satirical comedy because of the selection of characters. Jean-Pierre Bergeron, the Writer and Director has a good flair for satire and making a movie. Robert Naylor, “John,” might have a pretty good career in movies. He reminds me of another young actor but I forget his name.

    1. “In Fellini’s 8 ½, the boys pay the Saraguina to dance for them. As for songs, well… I was raised with Dalida singing Bambino, about a little boy who desperately falls in love for an adult woman. Growing up, I had secret feelings for adult men. Of course I knew it wouldn’t lead anywhere. If only because I was a kid, I knew it wasn’t supposed to lead anywhere. But the feelings were there. As an echo to the equality conversation of today, wouldn’t you agree they were just as valid as the feelings of a little boy for an adult woman? Yet, over the years, I had never been able to find a film that dealt with this. Maybe there were, but I was not aware of them. That’s why it mattered to me to tell this story.”

      “The reason I make these films is I try to fill a gap inside of me. Alone with Mr. Carter is about a 10 year old boy who is secretly obsessed with a 65 year old detective. The film is about the little boy trying to tell him I love and it’s a very legitimate film. The little boy, just like myself when I was a kid, knows that sex would be for later, but still, my point is very simple: There are a lot of films where there’s a little boy who has a crush on an adult woman, and I never found the story when I was a 10 year old boy who was in love with a male adult. I really feel changed as a human being and is that part of my story shameful to be told? No, so that’s why I made the film.”

  2. 🙇🏼A very sweet and sensitive film with a unique love interest…
    I much enjoyed watching it again, Thanks!

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