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Alex hittar hobbyn is a show on Swedish TV in which the host Alexander Hermansson is trying out a bunch of different hobbies in every episode. The one linked below was particularity worth watching because he goes diving and as you’ll notice… Alex is quite the looker.

Or as the Destroyer blog put it: “Mother Swedish, father Japanese, son Greek – as in Greek god.”

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  1. I was hoping he would take off those granny shorts and be wearing speedos underneath. So sad… :-(

  2. I went here to watch it: ….. but NO English subtitles (didn’t care about the dog ‘tricks’, but starting at 7:09, it perks up). Is there a YouTube video with Eng. subtitles?

    Odd, but interesting for a young Swede, both his tattoos are in English: “Youth Never Walk Alone” and “Love Life”.

    Good looking pair of divers. :-)

  3. I didn’t understand a word. I don’t speak Swedish.
    Both boys are cute (in my opinion).

    I have watched some parts of this series. – I like some messages of this series: The older one (a good looking young man) isn’t perfect (because isn’t an expert for all these hobbies). People are different (they have different hobbies and skills). Mutual respect.

    Summarized: this young man is a good role model.

      1. “addition, example: we see a young boy likes sewing”

        If that’s even a passing interest or curiosity, I recommend you watch this movie:

        Canvas (2006)

        This trailer doesn’t show it, but there’s a great charming sub-plot of the son making some money sewing for his classmates to help out his father. Check it out, you might like it.

  4. @plantPot
    ❦Though I found the swimming one fun to watch the one you provided was extremely enjoyable. I agree with the mutual respect part, he’s good with his younger instructors as they are with him, their smiles are priceless too especially the boy in this episode. Thanks😀

  5. What happened to horsey’s reply to me correcting what I thought Alex’s tattoo said?

    horsey is correct, it IS “You’ll” and not “Youth” as I thought I read.

    Thanks, horsey for pointing this out to me.

  6. Nice looking boy. He looks a little like my cousin who has English dad and Japanese mum. It is a nice mix. Hobbyn does not sound that Japanese though….

  7. both guys r totally cute-wish the older guy wore a speedo-the younger dude is really hot!!!!!!would love to see him in a few years with more of a mans body-the younger dude reminds me of a friends younger brother-who loves to show off his body-great video!!!!!!!!!!!

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