Alex and the Handyman

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Alex And The Handyman takes a look at pre-adolescent sexuality in a sweet way. The film precocious nine-year-old Alex, who develops an instant crush on much older handyman, Jared. The child wants the moody 20-something man’s attention, but Jared isn’t that interested in humoring the fantasies of a kid.

The short starts off as a sweet and sometimes funny look at pre-sexual awakening. However, some people will probably be freaked out a bit by the end.

You can watch the whole short here. Submitted by Marvin.

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  1. I’d say, Alex, find yourself a better handyman for handyjobs, because this one is apparently more into blowjobs: He clearly ‘sucks’ as he is not even able to properly align 2 sides of an IKEA kit…

  2. 😘 Loved it but his mother really needs to get a handle on picking better handymen even if Alex thinks them just fine… I’d watch out though gents as the boy really can’t be trusted😝!

  3. “Cute” … but very clumsy [at the least] directing/acting.

    Immediately reminded me when I went to a stage showing of The Lion King. As my “luck” would have it, the primary actor was sick and his ‘understudy’ took his place. He was terrible.

    We now have a culture of not being able to tell a [young, in this case] actor that he’s just not up to the task of acting and instead we pay these [actually, incompetent in acting] kids and on top of that, praise them instead so that we won’t: 1) “hurt their feelings” … and/or 2) get sued by immature and ignorant parents.

    1. Odd, I found the kid’s acting to be quite convincingly that of a kid trying to act like something that he cannot yet fully comprehend.

      1. He nearly constantly stumbled through his lines — either from reading some cue cards (probably) or bad memorization …. and when he did say them, it didn’t sound like they were “thought up by his brain” but instead, what someone else would say. I felt embarrassment for so many of his line attempts.

    1. Unfortunately, a lot. You might as well ask, who in this day and age still has birth marks or freckles other other “problems” with their bodies?

  4. He’s a cute innocent little angel. Bless his little cotton socks. How could anyone dislike him?

  5. I hope someone can help me out here please. I went on to watch the 14 odd minutes of Alex and the Handyman and got to about 1 minute in when I stopped it to answer the phone, (it was a nuisance call) and put the Kettle on. At top volume a pre recorded voice in crisp English went like this, “KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK, Do you fear the knock at the door, are you looking at indecent images of children? well if you…” at which I knocked the scene down. I have no idea what the hell the rest of the film is like. Can anyone please tell me what the fuck that was?

  6. I’ve just been told by my friend it’s a phising scam. God, I feel like a right twat.

    1. Sorry but I PMSL at that, you prob left a turd as I left some wee HAHAHA

      Thanks for the amusement :)

  7. I got round to watching all of that film. I take back all that I said. What an evil conniving little bastard that character really is.

    1. Didn’t watch the whole thing whiterabbit, but did you also see that German film, The Summer House? I won’t spoil it, if you didn’t.

  8. Hi!

    Thanks for running this blog!

    These 2 movies have somehow similar topics

    1) In this short film a boy (Hazel) dreams of an athletic man washing a pink car (time stamp 1:59).

    Short film “Hazel” (2012)
    Director and writer: Tamer Ruggli

    2) Voor een verloren soldaat (for a lost soldier), 1992
    Quote: “explores the complex and romantic relationship between an adult soldier and a displaced, lonely adolescent boy”

    Alex and the Handyman:
    In my opinion director and writer Nicholas Colia is brave: His short film questions stereotypes.
    I think gay people would like to see a border between gay love and a boy-man-relationship.
    gay love: adults only (including an age gap) + minors on the same age
    Everything else is yuck.
    “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” Innocence in danger. (jk)

    I think it’s a taboo that the desired phenotype of a gay or straight minor is an adult is his/her 20s, but not a minor on the same age.

    I don’t like the phrase “innocence in danger”. Hence a sexual desire means “being guilty”. What else means “innocence”? This concept of guilt is a religious concept.

    I think Keaton Nigel Cooke acts very well and believable.
    This isolated boy’s attempt to get attention from the handyman has to be crude and clumsy.
    Keaton’s shouting and his insane laughter after talking to the cardboard character is well-done.

    And I think that such gifted child actors are smart enough to understand such a screenplay.

    Internet Movie Database, image 30 of 33

    Quote: “Wiener Dog” Keaton played the lead roll of “Remi” in Todd Solondz’s newest movie. Keaton learned “Clair De Lune” by Debussy on flute for this scene in less than one week. He is the only lead actor with TWO movies in this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

    Jack Grazer (movie “It”) plays flute, too:
    Jack Dylan Grazer Livestream 6~29~17

    Quote: “May 11, 2013 – Garden City, New York U.S. – BUZZ ALDRIN signs his book “Mission to Mars” for KEATON COOKE, 6, of North Merrick, at the book signing at the Cradle of Aviation”


  9. Frankly, if Alex said ‘Hi’ to me, I would turn and run away as fast as I could. Men seem to go to jail around this boy

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