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We had a few downtimes over the last couple of months because it’s not always easy to scrape the money together to pay for the server.

Some people offered me their servers to host the site for free and I’d like to share my thoughts about why I’m very reluctant to accept such an offer. There are several concerns that come with hosting the site on someone else’s hardware. Questions like: What happens when there’s a hardware failure or if I need a configuration changed quickly? Can I just assume that 24/7 admin service comes with the hardware offer?

What happens if the server owner decides that they don’t want to host the site anymore for one reason or another, maybe even without letting us know in advance to give us time to find a new server?

What if the server gets hacked (for example because a private person usually can’t afford the safety precautions in place at professional hosters) and visitors of the site get redirected to sites infected with malware or worse?

What happens when legal questions come up? Can I expect someone who offered us free hosting to deal with those in the same way a company can?

There’s also the question if I feel comfortable with knowing that someone has full access to all data related to milkboys, including the e-mails you send me and the IP-addresses of all visitors.

It’s not that I don’t trust the people offering to host milkboys, I really appreciate their generosity and I’m certain they have only the best intentions. But with a professional hosting company none of these questions will come up so you might understand why I would like to keep the site where it is as long as I can.

Especially since our current host was nothing but helpful and understanding with all legal and financial matters we had to deal with so far which, from my experience before, can’t be taken for granted. Many hosts just aren’t willing to have a site like this on their servers which makes finding cheaper options hard.

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  1. Josh,

    Does your current hosting service have a policy about what happens if, for whatever reason, law enforcement authorities demand access to the site data? some hosts refuse, some hosts do it without informing the customer and so on.

  2. Josh, as with all things in life, you must and should do what you think is the correct thing for you.

    If you are comfortable with your current provider then go with them. Some of us go through withdrawal symptoms without our daily Milkboys fix, but that is our problem.

    I was in the process of learning about Bitcoins when the site came back up. I would have given you a bitcoin if I had the necessary instructions on how to get it to you. As an old ancient person, I am not the most computor literate man in the world. Perhaps you could post instructions as to how to donate a Bitcoin to Milkboys someday. Or maybe send people who ask, an email with those instructions.

    I am sure there are people here who would be willing to help you out from time to time with donations. Remember when you asked for help with GoFundMe and you comented that you wouldnt even get a dollar.?

    1. @ John Russell
      “If you are comfortable with your current provider then go with them. Some of us go through withdrawal symptoms without our daily Milkboys fix, but that is our problem.”

      ❦Ditto on all that Sir, agree fully, cept for them bittie-majiggers, too complicated for me¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Well, if you already have bitcoins, it’s easy, just send them to the address provided on the page http://milkboys.net/donate/

      If you need to get some first, coinbase.com or kraken.com for Europeans are among the best options. These sites should be able to answer all further questions.

  3. Josh, as this is your show, how you manage it is entirely up to you. I agree with you that using a professional hosting service is the only option. Speaking for myself, I’m happy to help with the expenses so perhaps the best thing to do is run the occasional fund raising event. Those who can afford to will donate and those who can’t will still have access to the site. You work hard at this and should never feel uneasy about asking for contributions.

  4. True independence is worth having. I was, once, beholden to a favour. It all vanished in the blink of an eye.

    I have often considered offering you server space, but concluded that your independence is far more important. I’m glad you feel the same way.

    Server security is more a matter of knowledge than money. We use a naked server in a secure data centre, but we have our own security on it, something I have no intention of describing. It warns us about attacks and lets us make decisions about how or whether to deal with them ourselves.

  5. You are wise to use professional grade hosting, and to retain your own control. If your current host is helpful and understanding, then you absolutely should keep the site where it is. So, the problem comes down to payment and income — not hosting. My advice is to be up front about your needs and ask for help. Only a small percentage of site visitors will respond, but it will be enough to pay the expenses. These contributors will respond because of the forthright nature of your request. I suggest that you periodically make a prominent post indicating the budget needed for the next three month period and ask for donations. As soon as the donations reach the needed amount, make a post and let everyone know and thank everyone for making it happen. I would also suggest that you build a reserve so that you are always 6 to 9 months ahead.

  6. I’d be willing to donate as I’m sure there are many others. This place means quite a bit to a lot of people.

  7. I suspect that you would be able to buy your own server if you wanted – they’re actually relatively cheap, depending on what quality you are looking for. Hard part would probably be administrating, but I’m sure there are plenty of competent volunteers around who would be able to help with setup / migration etcs.

    Best of luck!

  8. THIS IS YOUR SITE. ===> IF YOU GIVE UP AN OUNCE OF CONTROL ============> IT IS NO LONGER YOUR SITE. =====> THAT IS A PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! Go off the air and go find something else to do OR find elsewise and elsewhere BUT=====> if it is yours you CANNOT go onto another’s nor any others’ equipment. It is like modern lobotomy using therma scan instead of the old ice pick. THEY want you to control and it is permissive rape electronic if you go their way … or, as I said, electronic lobotomy, and you wont know you are raped as it happens……. Br♂th♀r S♥rr♥ws asserts from experience. Not that he had any site but he was there as several were taken over. Not just sites but businesses too.

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