A Decade and a Move

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I’m doing this little blog for ten years now. That’s actually pretty crazy. Ten years is a damn long time on the internet and I’m quite proud and thankful to you that we’re still here. When milkboys started, the “web 2.0” was blooming, blogs popped up everywhere and boys looked like this. Now most people consider Facebook to be the internet, blogs are dead in the water but at least boys look like this ;)

Photo by Milo

As many of you know neither the blog nor I were able to enjoy financial stability for the majority of the last ten years. While the blog should be fine for the most part now, I can’t really say the same for myself. I’d obviously like to change that and even though it doesn’t have anything to do with milkboys directly, I’d like to shamelessly use this opportunity to ask for help with that.

A friend offered me a job that would enable me to start over with my life. I could pay off the debt that’s haunting me since forever, I could actually earn enough to not worry about the little things in life and basically start with a clean sheet.

Let’s move?

The only hurdle is that I would have to move to another city, which is an exciting prospect; I’m just lacking the money to do so. So if you like what I do and want to help me out with this I’d be forever grateful! Just to make it extra clear, this is about me personally, not this blog. So I completely understand if you’d rather spend your money on other things. But if you feel extra-generous, here’s the link to my personal (!) donation page:

Donation Link

Thanks heaps! ❤️

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  1. Happy to help Josh! Best wishes to you on the move and a new life. I have no doubt you’ll do great no matter where you live. Thanks for so many years of providing such a cool site for us to enjoy.

  2. Josh
    ~Good luck in all your future endeavors. Thanks for being there for us all these past years through thick & thin and don’t forget you are valued for all you’ve done…

  3. Good luck Josh. — Looks like you’re on your way then.
    If you’re still in touch – please wish Milo well for his future too.

    Nice to recall the characters of the past who used to dwell here. All good and some quite wonderful. Beauty plus intellect plus art plus fun. A good blog indeed.

  4. Congratulations

    The chat room served my needs for a community years ago

    Good memories

  5. Hey, if you’re moving to my city I’ll help carrying boxes and furniture :) but you’ll have to buy me some pizza!

    I can only second what the other people said here – it’s such an amazing achievement to keep up this blog for 10 years straight (no pun intended), delivering almost daily! You’re bringing a smile to my face with almost every post. Thanks a lot, Josh.

    Looking forward to the next ten years, with a decent job as a background!

  6. Hey Josh! I just wanted to wish you good luck on your move and new job. I still check in from time to time (since the start!) and am glad to see the blog still going. Take care :) xx

  7. I think most thought to help on basis of you going for a new job elsewhere.
    So, what’s this item on my card account — ‘New Computer’?

    1. Post

      When I first signed up for GoFundMe a few years ago I had a campaign for a new PC because my old one broke. When you sign up for a GoFundMe account you also have to make an account for the payment processor they use, Stripe. And apparently Stripe just uses whatever is the title of your first GoFundMe campaign as the default credit card transaction description for all future payments they process for you. I changed it now.

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