The Teenage Snake Wrangler

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Teenagers might do some odd jobs to earn some pocket money, but rescuing snakes before school — that’s certainly not the side job that one would consider doing. Well, 14-year-old Oli from Queensland has the somewhat scary job of extracting huge snakes, and he does it with nothing but his hands.

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I will fight you

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This is going to be a shock for many of you but, as much as it pains me to tell you, the unthinkable happened: Donald Trump lied. No one saw that coming. During his campaign he assured the LGBT community that he would fight for them but now that he is in office he seems to rather fight them. Trump’s administration this week rescinded federal guidelines put in place last year by Obama to protect transgender students at school – including when it comes to using the bathroom. Supposedly out of fear that trans kids are just pretending to be transgender so they grab other kids by the genitals–something that literally never happened, not even once. But you know who grabbed other people down there without their consent? Yup…


Quick PSA regarding PayPal

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We do not have a PayPal account and we do not use PayPal for donations. I heard from several people by now who got their PayPal account suspended because they donated to a site that’s, purposefully, using a name very similar to ours and donated to this site believing it’s milkboys.

Please don’t do that, PayPal doesn’t allow sites with “adult” content to use their service for donations so you will lose your account if you use them to donate to such sites (which is why we don’t use them).

Hold Tight!

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It’s a feeling most queer people face at some point. Even if you’re out and completely comfortable with your sexuality, holding hands with a partner in public can still feel awkward and tense. Sometimes, it’s easier to just let go. That’s what the campaign #HoldTight is about…

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The ad seems especially important for queer people in Australia now. The country has yet to legalize same-sex marriage and political candidates have some pretty concerning ideas about what being LGBTQ means. Read on…

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