Neverland by Holland

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K-pop newcomer Holland released his first single Neverland earlier this year. The song and music video are all about queer love. Neverland is a mellow R&B track that relays the emotions of a man who wants to avoid discrimination and escape to a place of free love.

The song’s accompanying music video similarly places the singer’s sexuality in the spotlight, depicting a rare same-sex kiss in a video describing the ups-and-downs of a relationship. Neverland received a 19+ rating in South Korea because of the kiss.

Holland is the first openly gay k-pop idol to debut, though MRSHLL, another R&B artist, came out before releasing his first song last year, becoming the first Korean singer to begin his career while openly addressing his sexuality. Same-sex love is rarely addressed in k-pop and South Korea’s entertainment industry. Only a handful of celebrities, including the entertainer Hong Seokcheon and the transgender singer Harisu, are publicly out.

Though Holland has no large agency backing, and was a relatively unknown in the k-pop scene until he first started teasing his debut single, he has already caught the attention of many k-pop fans who have been eager to see more diversity and queer representation in the Korean idol industry.

Neverland racked up more than 700,000 views within 24 hours of its release, to this day the video has been watched over 10 million times.

German Alt-Rights not allowed to attend Pride, cry a river

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Germany’s biggest far-right party is complaining that Berlin Pride organisers refused to let its youth group have a booth, reports Berliner Zeitung.

The Alternative for Germany party is known for outrageous nationalist rhetoric and drafting unpassable legislation that plays into its base’s sense of victimhood. The youth wing, Junge Alternative, whose leader recently said that Adolf Hitler was mere “bird shit” in over a millennium of otherwise successful German history, applied to have a presence at Berlin’s Pride festivities but was rejected.

David Eckert, the 26-year-old head of the Junge Alternative Berlin chapter, wrote a Facebook post expressing his outrage that his group was not welcome at Berlin’s Christopher Street Day celebration July 28.

Eckert posted an “email exchange” between him and the event organizers who denied the request. In it, Pride leaders told him the festivities needed a “climate of acceptance” that was welcoming to refugees. They also rejected the group because its application came in past the deadline.

“Not every gay person wears vinyl and leather, struts around with a handbag and paints their nails,” Eckert said. He then quoted a poll stating 12 percent of German LGBT voters supported the alt-right party and asked if he could apply for next year’s Pride.

In a dazzling show of cognitive dissonance the party while committed to its anti-immigrant and anti-queer-rights platform, has sought to attract more queer voters. Its current leader, Alice Weidel, is a lesbian. However, during her candidacy, the party threatened to sue the German Parliament for legalising same-sex marriage last year.

Beautiful Bois *1

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There are thousands of sites out there posting pretty boys. I always tried to make milkboys a bit different, make it stand out from the crowd and share things that you might not find on the usual blogs and tumblrs.

One thing that’s important to me is the fact that milkboys is a queer community, not a gay one. I want to cover all shades of that rainbow and celebrate everyone in this amazing community; including people who are bi, trans, intersex, genderqueer etc.

There already is a lot of content related to these parts of the community on milkboys but I’d like this to be reflected in the pictures posted here more than it was so far. So let’s start with a theme day dedicated to bois!


1. in the queer community, a young transgender or androgynous or masculine female person who presents themselves in a young, boyish way; a boidyke; often also identifies as genderqueer; 

2. in the gay community, a young gay man; 

3. in the BDSM community, someone who presents themselves in a young, boyish way and is usually a bottom/submissive; 

4. an alternate spelling of boy often used by teenage boys.

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Dance to This

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Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande start their own party in the video for their collaboration, Dance to This. Troye’s sophomore album Bloom is out on August 30th.

The clip opens with Sivan sitting in a rec room-cafeteria setting where people are quietly eating and reading. Bored, Troye brings a CD to a man with a boombox and begins singing, then dancing, at the front of the room before Grande gleefully joins him. The confused people eventually leave so Troye and Grande have the room to themselves.

Bloom follows the 23-year-old singer’s 2015 debut album Blue Neighbourhood. Sivan recently said that he’s been taking dance lessons ahead of his tour in support of Bloom (where he’ll be joined by trans singer Kim Petras as an opening act). “We spent the whole first class just moving in slow motion for, like, two hours,” he said.

Boy Erased

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Gay conversion “therapy” in America has become a poignant cultural touch point in the era of Mike Pence. The practice is, alarmingly, still legal in 41 US states.

Following the release of Desiree Akhvan’s The Miseducation of Cameron Post early next month, Focus Features is readying Joel Edgerton’s gripping conversion drama Boy Erased, based on Garrard Conley’s Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family.

The film stars Lucas Hedges as the teenage son of a Baptist pastor in small town Arkansas, who is sent off to a conversion therapy camp by his straight-laced parents, played by Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. Crowe and Kidman aren’t the only two big-name Aussies to appear alongside Hedges — Boy Erased also features popstar du jour Troye Sivan as a silvery-haired fellow queer at Lucas’s camp. “Play the part,” Sivan instructs Hedges in the first official trailer, flexing a very passable Arkansas accent.

Conley, who is working with Edgerton on Boy Erased, wrote in a blog post last year that he’d be “working hard to populate the world of Love in Action [the conversion camp] with predominantly queer actors.” While Hedges isn’t gay, Boy Erased won’t be his major gay moment on screen. He also appeared in Lady Bird as the titular character’s all-American first boyfriend Danny.

Boy Erased hits cinemas on November 2, 2018.